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My story rocks

Nose Hill Park contains significant archaeological sites, including stone Indigenous tipi rings and the Siksikaitsitapi medicine wheel. Nose Hill Park was a sacred place used for ceremonies and burials. This is part of the legacy left by Indigenous peoples in Treaty 7 territory.

Paint your own story rocks

Using rocks, you can share your own life story and cultural landscape.
Materials: rocks, sharpies or paint pens, clear nail polish.

Brainstorm what your cultural landscape looks like. Think of things that are important to you. Some ideas are:

  • culture
  • favourite food
  • pets
  • family
  • home
  • hobbies

Draw or paint symbols of your cultural landscape onto your rocks. Apply a clear coat of nail polish overtop if needed.

Sharing your legacy

Share your rock story with family or friends. Can they guess what your rock symbols mean to you?

You can also take your story stones to your favourite park and leave them for someone else to find, leaving a small legacy behind for others to discover.

What will be your contribution to Calgary? What do you want to be known for? Share your stories and ideas, make change, and be a part of our cultural landscape!