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COVID-19 - City of Calgary Governance Structure

We know citizens look to their government in times like these for reassurance and assistance to help them get back to their everyday lives.

On March 16, 2020 City Council endorsed the City’s COVID-19 governance structure to support four primary objectives:

  1. Be responsible partners to help “flatten the curve” and protect human safety.
  2. Support our employees.
  3. Maintain appropriate City of Calgary services to our community.
  4. Prepare for the resilience of our organization and our community.​

This structure enables Council, Administration, and key stakeholders to work together to respond to the short, medium and long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are& five task forces and one corporate governance committee led by the City Manager. Members of Council sit on each Task Force in an advisory capacity.

To see all of our COVID-19 information, visit City of Calgary COVID-19.

COVID-19 Corporate Governance Committee

The COVID-19 Corporate Governance Committee is chaired by City Manager David Duckworth. This overarching committee will make strategic corporate decisions and provide strategic advice to the COVID-19 Task Forces to ensure The City of Calgary’s coordinated response, recovery, and resilience during and after the event.

The Committee will provide recommendations and advice to the Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) and to City Council in their efforts to reduce transmission of the pandemic COVID-19 virus.

Specific responsibilities related to the COVID-19 pandemic response include:

  • To maintain an aligned, integrated and holistic organizational response;
  • To make strategic decisions on matters of organizational significance or as otherwise escalated by the COVID-19 Task Forces;
  • To provide strategic advice and guidance to the COVID-19 Task Forces; and
  • To provide advice and make recommendations to Council on matters of material significance.

COVID-19 Corporate Governance Committee Members

The COVID-19 Corporate Governance Committee consists of: 

Chair: David Duckworth, City Manager 


  • Mayor, ex officio City Manager, or designate 
  • Chair, Business Sector Support Task Force, or designate 
  • Chief Financial Officer, or designate 
  • Chief Human Resources Officer, or designate 
  • ​Chief Information Technology Officer, or designate 
  • Chief of Staff, City Manager’s Office, or designate 
  • Chief of Staff, Mayor’s Office, or designate 
  • City Clerk, or designate 
  • City Solicitor, or designate 
  • Director, Calgary Emergency Management Agency, or designate 
  • Director, Customer Service and Communications, or designate
  • General Manager, Deputy City Manager’s Office, or designate 
  • General Manager, Community Services, or designate 
  • General Manager, Green Line, or designate 
  • General Manager, Planning & Development, or designate 
  • General Manager, Transportation, or designate 
  • General Manager, Utilities & Environmental Protection, or designate


Emergency Response and Event Management Task Force

Led by the Director of the Calgary Emergency Management Agency, the Emergency Response and Event Management Task Force manages the delivery of essential services and critical infrastructure, response coordination, crisis communications and situational awareness for the City of Calgary’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Employee Support and Service Delivery Task Force

The Employee Support and Service Delivery (ESSD) Task Force is an internally-focused Administrative group chaired by Acting General Manager of the Deputy City Manager’s Office and Chief Resilience Officer Christine Arthurs. The ESSD Task Force provides oversight and coordination of COVID-19 related implications on work conditions for the City of Calgary’s human capital in areas such as employee health, safety and wellness and the organization’s ability to support and adapt service delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic and into recovery, rehabilitation and future resilience.

Employee Support and Service Delivery Task Force Members

The Employee Support and Service Delivery Task Force members: 

Chair: Christine Arthurs, Acting General Manager, Deputy City Manager's Office 

Co-Chair: General Manager, Utilities & Environmental Protection

Working Group Leads:

  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Chief Information Technology Officer
  • Director, Facility Management
  • Director, Corporate Analytics and Innovation
  • Director, Environmental and Safety Management
  • Manager, Resilience and Infrastructure Calgary
  • Manager, Corporate Initiatives

Business Sector Support Task Force

The Business Sector Support Task Force is chaired by The City’s Business and Local Economy Leader Sonya Sharp. This Task Force monitors, evaluates and manages the sustainability and wellness of the business community, making operational decisions and providing information to ensure the City of Calgary’s coordinated response, recovery and resilience during and after the COVID-19 event.


This Task Force works directly with the business community to identify opportunities to ensure businesses have an appropriate network and system in place to support their health, safety, and resilience.

For more information, please visit our COVID-19 Support for businesses page.

Business Sector Support Task Force Members

The Business Sector Support Task Force members:

Chair: Sonya Sharp, Leader, Business and Local Economy 

Task Force representatives: 

  • General Manager, Planning & Development, City of Calgary
  • General Manager, Green Line, City of Calgary
  • Director, Real Estate & Development Services, City of Calgary
  • Ward Sutherland, Ward 1 Councillor, City of Calgary
  • Peter Demong, Ward 14 Councillor, City of Calgary
  • Jyoti Gondek, Ward 3 Councillor, City of Calgary
  • Ray Jones, Ward 10 Councillor, City of Calgary
  • Annie McInnis, Kensington Business Improvement Area Representative
  • David Low, Victoria Park Business Improvement Area Representative
  • Jennifer Rempel​, Downtown Business Improvement Area Representative 
  • Court Ellingson, Vice President, Strategy, Calgary Economic Development
  • Brad Parry, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Calgary Economic Development
  • Geraldine Anderson, Director of Policy & Communication, Calgary Chamber
  • Cindy Ady/Cassandra McAuley, Vice President, Communications & Stakeholder Engagement, Tourism Calgary
  • Chad McCormick, Owner, Cbass Inc.
  • Mahyar Khosravi, Owner, Flores and Pine
  • Mike McNeil, Executive Director, Alberta Small Brewers Association 
  • Lourdes Juan, CEO, Soma Hammam & Spa
  • Kevin Kent, Founder, Kent of Inglewood & Knifewear
  • Craig Solitt & Leann O’Conner, The Bownesian Grocer
  • Ken Keelor, CEO, Calgary Co-op
  • Patti Pon, President & CEO, Calgary Arts Development Association
  • Julie Van Rosendaal, Writer and Business owner
  • Bill Black, CEO, Calgary Construction Association
  • Terry Rock, CEO, Platform Calgary
  • Pat Carey, CEO, Wallace & Carey Inc.
  • Brett Ireland, CEO, Bearhill Brewery ​


Community Support Task Force

The Community Support Task Force is chaired by Acting General Manager of Community Services Katie Black. This Task Force provides advice to the COVID-19 Corporate Governance Committee and/or CEMA with a focus on building and supporting networks and systems for all Calgarians to enhance and maintain their wellbeing, safety, and resilience. This Task Forces has a priority focus on vulnerable populations within the following areas:

  • Seniors
  • Children and youth
  • New Canadians
  • Indigenous people
  • People at risk of homelessness and those living in shelters and subsidized/affordable housing
  • Other current and emerging vulnerable/at risk populations (e.g., low to moderate income households at risk of mortgage default or eviction due to illness or job loss)

Activities and decision-making of the Community Support Task Force is focused on transitioning to alternative service delivery methods, assessing the need for new services and programs, developing and implementing supports for those in isolation, assessing funding needs and working with other orders of government on funding supports required for City and partner services, among other areas.

The Community Support Task Force will include external members as required from organizations representing critical service providers, civic partners, non-profits, community groups, and non-profit funding partners.

Community Support Task Force Members

The Community Support Task Force members:

Chair: Katie Black, Acting General Manager of Community Services

Task Force representatives:

  • Mayor Naheed Nenshi, ex officio
  • General Manager, Transportation, or designate
  • Acting Director, Calgary Neighborhoods, or designate
  • Director, Calgary Housing, or designate
  • Acting Director, Calgary Transit, or designate
  • Calgary Emergency Management Agency, or designate
  • Director, Calgary Community Standards
  • Superintendent Cliff O’Brien, Calgary Police Service 

Advisory members include:

  • Councillors Diane Colley-Urquhart, Jeromy Farkas, Druh Farrell and Evan Woolley
  • Nancy Close, Community Relations Coordinator, Office of the Mayor
  • Community Services Senior Management Team as needed:
    • Chief, Calgary Fire Department, or designate
    • Director, Calgary Parks, or designate
    • Director, Calgary Recreation, or designate

Economic Resilience Task Force

The Economic Resilience Task Force is chaired by Chief Financial Officer Carla Male and focuses economic relief measures to support Calgarians and local businesses during and after the COVID-19 outbreak. Task Force recommendations will target City-specific actions, as well as supportive measures for other orders of government, the local business community and the community-at-large as needed.

To support achieving its mandate, the Economic Resilience Task Force is recruiting external experts with desired competencies and skillsets, leveraging the knowledge and expertise of the existing City personnel, and harnessing recommendations emerging out of the work of the existing Financial Task Force.

Economic Resilience Task Force Members

The Economic Resilience Task Force members:

Members of Senior Administration

  • Chair: Carla Male, Chief Financial Officer 
  • David Duckworth, City Manager 
  • Mary Moran, CEO, Calgary Economic Development 

Internal Members – Office of the Mayor and City Councillors 

  • Naheed Nenshi, Mayor (ex-officio)
  • Joe Magliocca, Councillor Ward 2 (Community Advisor) 
  • Sean Chu, Councillor Ward 4 (Community Advisor) 
  • George Chahal, Councillor Ward 5 (Community Advisor)
  • Jeff Davison, Councillor Ward 6 (Community Advisor) 
  • Erin Chrusch, Office of the Mayor   

External Members 

  • Adam Legge, Business Council of Alberta
  • Alice Reimer, Creative Destruction Labs-Rockies, University of Calgary
  • Bev Dahlby, School of Public Policy, University of Calgary 
  • Greg Oberti, Partner at PwC 
  • Jeremy Barretto, Cassels Brock and Blackwell LLP 
  • Justin Riemer, Federal Ministry of Western Economic Diversification
  • Linda Johnson, Former MLA, Calgary-Glenmore 
  • Loren Falkenberg, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary
  • Michael Lickers, Suncor Energy 
  • Usman Tahir Jutt, Chirp Foods Inc.

Contact information

Have an idea or comment for one of the COVID-19 Task Forces? Send us an email at

Priorities in working with other levels of government

The City is in ongoing discussions with other orders of government, both politically and administratively, to ensure that Calgarians’ interests are represented and acted upon.

Here are the five priorities we are working on:

Calgary COVID Priorities with Other Levels of Governments

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Government roles and responsibilities

COVID-19 Government Responsibilities

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