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COVID-19 - City of Calgary Governance Structure

We know citizens look to their government in times like these for reassurance and assistance to help them get back to their everyday lives.

On March 16, 2020 City Council endorsed the City’s COVID-19 governance structure to support four primary objectives:

  1. Be responsible partners to help “flatten the curve” and protect human safety.
  2. Support our employees.
  3. Maintain appropriate City of Calgary services to our community.
  4. Prepare for the resilience of our organization and our community. ​

The City has streamlined its COVID governance structure as the pandemic has evolved. Governance of The City’s COVID response is now managed by the following groups:

  • The Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) continues to provide direction on emergency actions in response to the pandemic.
  • The City’s Rapid Response Team supports City staff and business units to ensure responses to the pandemic are aligned with provincial requirements, and monitors emerging trends to address questions as COVID response planning evolves.
  • The new COVID Executive Response Group (CERG) helps to coordinate across City departments on non-emergency actions to better enable our staff to support citizens, businesses and civic & community partners.

The Economic Resilience Task Force, which was formed at the start of the pandemic, is continuing to focus on medium to long-term resilience initiatives to facilitate Calgary’s recovery after the pandemic.

The Business Sector Task Force, which transitioned from an earlier task force, is focused on supporting businesses through the pandemic, acting as a conduit to the sector to make recommendations on advocacy to all levels of government, advising on communication and marketing strategies, and enabling The City to think differently to support the business sector. 

Priorities in working with other levels of government

The City has ongoing discussions with other orders of government, both politically and administratively, to ensure that Calgarians’ interests are represented and acted upon.

Here are the five priorities we are working on:

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