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COVID-19 - Face Coverings Bylaw

In times of need or crisis, our city comes together to support each other. We are known for our kindness.

For the safety and protection of our community, the City of Calgary requires the wearing of face coverings or masks in indoor public areas and public vehicles.

The Face Coverings Bylaw became active Aug 1, 2020.

To see all of our COVID-19 information and updates, visit City of Calgary COVID-19.

What does the bylaw require?

Our primary focus is on educating Calgarians on the importance of wearing face coverings in indoor public spaces and public vehicles, rather than enforcement.

Failure to wear a face covering where required can result in a penalty of $50.

The bylaw mandates that face coverings be worn in the following places:

Places Examples

Public transit

Buses, shuttles and CTrains

Public vehicles for hire

Taxis, Ridesharing businesses, Vehicles for hire

Public indoor spaces

Malls, grocery stores, retail businesses, places of worship

City of Calgary facilities

Recreation centres, City Hall, City of Calgary buildings

What are the exceptions?

Exceptions to the face coverings bylaw include:

  • Children under 2 years of age
  • People with underlying medical conditions or disabilities inhibiting their ability to wear a face covering
  • People who are unable to place, use or remove a face covering safely without assistance
  • People who are eating or drinking at a public premises that offers food or beverage services
  • People engaging in an athletic or fitness activity
  • People who are caregiving for or accompanying a person with a disability where wearing a face covering would hinder the accommodation of the person’s disability (for example, the ability to lip read)
  • People who have temporarily removed their face covering where doing so is necessary to provide or receive a service (for example, a visit to the dentist)

Please note: Proof is not required if someone has an exception. Businesses are also not expected to deny services as not everyone is required to wear a face covering.

Mask Bylaw - Questions & Answers

Want to know if a mask is required for your indoor activity? We have outlined rules and guidelines for some common scenarios.

View Face Coverings Bylaw: Questions & Answers.

To learn more about the bylaw and its full requirements, visit Face Coverings Bylaw.

Face covering requirements for business

Under the bylaw, business operators or owners are required to display messaging in public entryways of the business or vehicle.

To download a sign, view sign guidelines or view our other bylaw resources for businesses and operators, visit Masks and face coverings in businesses.

Failure to display signage can result in a penalty of $200.

Why was this bylaw created?

We want the city to thrive, for businesses to stay open and for Calgarians to stay healthy.

This decision was not taken lightly and was informed by data and by making decisions based on the collective health of Calgarians and for the local economy. With businesses reopening, more social interactions and the number of cases increasing in Calgary, these measures will better prevent a potential resurgence being experienced around the world.

We know that navigating the COVID-19 pandemic has been tough for local businesses and a second wave may disrupt an already challenged economy. The bylaw was informed by feedback from 2,000 local businesses and City of Calgary operations.

Mask information and data

Please refer to the following public health recommendations on the wearing of face coverings: