Caution | Covid-19

The Municipal Emergency Plan remains activated to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Wear a mask and get vaccinated.

COVID-19 Information Get vaccinated

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

It’s okay to have questions about the vaccine. Get the facts from your doctor or a reliable source like Health Canada and Alberta Health Services (AHS). For further information about vaccine benefits go to

Free COVID-19 vaccines are now available for eligible Calgarians.

COVID-19 vaccines help prevent you from getting infected and protect you from getting severely sick if you do get it. All vaccines are safe, effective and save lives.

Everyone 5+ can now get vaccinated. Children 5 to 11 must book online or by calling 811, walk-ins are not available at this time.  All Albertans aged 18 and older who received their second COVID-19 vaccine at least five months ago can now book a third dose.

The severity of the Omicron variant is not yet known, but it is clear that there is an increased risk of transmission. Expanded availability of third doses of COVID-19 vaccine will help provide increased protection and prevent community spread.

AHS clinics and pharmacies use the same central online booking system. You can also book by calling 811, visiting a walk-in clinic, or contacting a doctor's office.

Multi-language vaccine information

The COVID-19 Vaccine Information Sheet is available in multiple languages.

Find translated COVID-19 vaccine information

Why should you get vaccinated?

Vaccines make our immune systems stronger by building antibodies to help prevent and fight off diseases. Because COVID-19 is a new virus, no one has natural immunity. It is much safer and more effective to get immunized than it is to get infected.

Vaccination is voluntary but getting vaccinated keeps ourselves and others safe and ensures we can return to normal sooner. It may help prevent you from getting infected and protect you from getting severely sick if you do get it.

Who should get vaccinated?

Everyone 5+ can now get vaccinated. Even if you have recovered from COVID-19 you should get vaccinated to boost your immunity. Booster shots are now available for eligible Albertans.

If you don’t have an Alberta Health Care card, you can still get the vaccine. Call 811 to book your appointment.

You don’t need Canadian citizenship to get the vaccine, just identification. Visit for a list of accepted ID.