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Community Action on Mental Health and Addiction initiatives in development

The Community Action on Mental Health and Addiction Stewardship Group is leading the development of a community-wide strategy. The strategy and collaborative implementation plan will be presented to Council by the end of 2020.

Strategy Development

Experts in supporting mental health and addiction issues, as well as community stakeholders are meeting to develop strategy to address the outcomes outlined in the Strategic Framework. (Increased Safety, Improved Service Access and Navigation, More Public Awareness and Common Language, Reduced Stigma, Resilient People and Communities)

Community groups are also supporting the strategy development by contributing to work on research and analytics, system mapping and community engagement.


Engagement is taking place over the summer and fall of 2020 to seek input on focus areas outlined in the strategic framework that can be addressed collaboratively.

Mental health and addiction issues impact real lives on a very personal level. Our engagement process seeks first to listen and understand individual and family experiences. From there it will involve experts and leaders who can help develop recommendations. Calgary is home to diverse community groups with multiple needs. Proposed solutions must be adaptive to unique situations of individuals and families.

The engagement will take place through live online sessions. The results will inform the strategy development. Following the formal and facilitated engagement work, the aim is to create an ongoing mechanism for mutual collaboration and information sharing.

Change Can’t Wait! Fast Test Projects – Round II

A second call for ideas for fast pilot projects went out in June 2020. The City of Calgary earmarked $1 million is going towards testing new initiatives through a fast pilot testing process called Change Can’t Wait!​ Community organizations participated in the funding by adding a combined $275,000.00. The first round of Change Can’t Wait! focused on ideas to improve system access and navigation for mental health and addiction care systems. Round II is focusing on reducing stigma and building community resiliency. Funded projects will be announced in August 2020.

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