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Income and Poverty

The City of Calgary is committed to creating an inclusive city where everyone has the ability to participate in community life, regardless of income. Calgary Neighbourhoods supports this objective through research, policy, and collaborative initiatives to help us better understand and alleviate poverty in Calgary.

Poverty remains a fact of life for many people in Calgary who are struggling with inadequate incomes to meet their basic needs. Those living in poverty include working families, children, and seniors. When people lack the income necessary to meet their basic needs they are often forced to make difficult choices between things that most people take for granted. This can lead to compromising the amount or quality of food purchased, living in unhealthy or unsafe environments, or foregoing educational or other activities important for healthy living. For many, the result is reduced health, fewer opportunities to get involved in community life, or to benefit from activities that would improve their situation. In the most extreme cases, it results in reliance on food banks or in homelessness.

For more information, see Programs and Services for Low-income Calgarians.

The Poverty Series

We are pleased to present you with an informational series that explores and responds to key questions surrounding poverty:

The Poverty Series is the culmination of a fruitful collaboration between The City of Calgary, United Way of Calgary and Area and Vibrant Communities Calgary.

We encourage you to use the Series as a resource for raising awareness about issues tied to poverty, engaging others in poverty reduction efforts, and taking action in your professional and personal life.

For more information about poverty in Calgary or on current actions being taken to address poverty in Calgary, please visit the Enough for All website. Enough for All is Calgary’s community-driven poverty reduction strategy with the goal of cutting poverty in half by 2023.