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Older Adult Advisory Table

The Older Adult Advisory Table (OAAT) provides first-hand experience and insight on living as an older adult, caregiver or someone looking to the future in Calgary. This expertise is used to inform and support strategic and action planning by the Steering Committee, action teams and the Age-Friendly Calgary staff.

OAAT is composed of around 14 members as determined through a selection process. This process is structured to ensure that a range of voices, backgrounds and experiences have been included in the table.

Age-Friendly Calgary OAAT members act in an advisory capacity to support the Steering Committee, action teams and Age-Friendly staff in developing and implementing the Seniors Age-Friendly Strategy by doing the following:

  • Sharing information and expertise, when requested by Age-Friendly Calgary and its action teams, to help to positively impact age-friendly outcomes.
  • Using lived - including worked - experiences to provide ideas to inform and build Seniors Age-Friendly Strategy actions.
  • Contributing to a safe, comfortable environment that encourages members to share knowledge and experiences.
  • Completing any assigned reading or tasks sent out between meetings
  • By being an ambassador for Age-Friendly Calgary among peers and social groups. Encouraging informal discussions of the challenges and opportunities of being an older adult in Calgary and bringing back feedback and ideas to OAAT.

Volunteering for the Older Adult Advisory Table

We are not currently accepting new applications for volunteer positions on the Older Adult Advisory Table. Volunteers who applied in 2019 will be contacted by the beginning of November about next steps. An orientation meeting will be held in early December.

For more information about Age-Friendly Calgary, please visit email​ or call: 403-476-7244.