Tips for myID and FIMS

In order to use the Funding Information Management System (FIMS) you will need to set up a myID username and password. Once that is in place you can create a FIMS account. The following FIMS User Accounts document provides additional information on myID Business accounts, user accounts and accessing FIMS.

Account types: myID and FIMS

There some differences between account types, access and roles in myID versus Funding Information Management System. They are outlined below.

  • An organization may have more than one Business Administrator.
  • If a user is a Business Administrator in myID, they will be a Business Administrator in FIMS.
  • If a user is a Business User in myID, they will be a Business User in FIMS.


Account Type myID - Description FIMS - Description

Business Administrator

  • Able to log in
  • Update own profile
  • Add Business Users to myID
  • Delete Users from myID
  • Demote own account to Business User

  • Able to log in
  • Update own profile
  • Update organization profile
  • Add users to FIMS
  • Delete users from FIMS
  • Full access to FIMS

Business User

  • Able to log in
  • Update own profile
  • Promote their own account to Business Administrator (requires approval of the myID Main Contact)

  • Able to log in
  • Update own profile
  • Default log in Access is automatically set to None. Access is assigned by Business Administrator.

Types of Access: FIMS only

  • When new users log into FIMS, default log in permissions are set to None. Access is assigned by the Business Administrator.
  • Access can be changed at any time by the Business Administrator.
Type of access FIMS - Description


  • Not able to view any information in FIMS.


  • Able to read all information in FIMS (including application, financial reports and uploaded documents).


  • Able to read all information in FIMS.
  • Able to enter/change any information in FIMS (including application, financial, upload and delete documents).

Organization roles: FIMS only

Types of assignment FIMS - Description

Primary and Primary Delegate

  • Have full access in FIMS.
  • Have the same authority in FIMS as a Business Administrator.
  • Receives all FIMS email notifications.
  • The difference between Primary and Primary Delegate role is:
    • Primary is the main contact in the organization. This person will be indicated on organization paper and email correspondence and agreements
    • Primary Delegate is the person(s) who may act as a back-up to the Primary through co-directing, delegated duties, succession planning etc.

Both roles have full access in FIMS, have the same authority as a FIMS Business Administrator and will receive all FIMS email and messages.


  • Will receive finance-related FIMS email notifications.
  • Have access assigned by the Business Administrator.


  • Does not receive any FIMS email notifications.
  • Have access assigned by the Business Administrator

Contacts not assigned an organization role

  • Will not receive any FIMS email notifications.
  • Have permissions as assigned by the Business Administrator