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History of the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Nature Centre has been providing migratory birds with a place to rest their wings since 1929. That's more than 80 years of conservation!

How it all began

In 1883, Colonel James Walker settled the land that is now occupied by the Sanctuary. In 1910 the current brick house—named Inglewood—was built, and the surrounding area was named for the most prominent property in the area.

In 1929, Colonel Walker's son Selby applied to the Federal government to have 59 acres on the west side of the Bow River be designated as a Federal Migratory Bird Sanctuary. His request was granted and the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary was born.

When Selby died in 1953, Ed Jefferies acquired the property and leased it to the Alberta Fish & Game Association. In 1970 The City of Calgary purchased the property and has been managing it as a natural reserve ever since.

In 1996, the Nature Centre was built and grassland restoration projects began. The Colonel Walker House is currently both a private residence and office space for Sanctuary volunteers.

The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary now

To date, 270 species of birds, 21 species of mammals and 347 species of plants have been recorded at the Sanctuary and Nature Centre by members of the public, volunteers and staff who together make Inglewood the amazing natural resource it is.

The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary is located at 2425 - Ave S.E.

colonel walker house