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Bow to Bluff Corridor


Bow to Bluff began as an independent, citizen-led initiative in 2011 focused on transforming the public corridor along the Northwest LRT line between the Bow River and McHugh Bluff into a great public space. After more than ten years of engaging and working closely with the community, construction is now set to begin on a series of improvements to the area.

This work is being partially funded by the Government of Alberta Municipal Stimulus Program, which provides capital infrastructure funding with the primary objective of creating local jobs.

Redevelopment highlights

  • The entire corridor will feature widened sidewalks, improved lighting, new tree plantings, a new sound wall and opportunities for community art.
  • A new playground will include a hillside climber with a slide, a sand pit, playhouse and seating.
  • A harvest park with a pizza oven, barbecue, bocce court and a large harvest table.
  • The Bow Landing park will include a new skateboard park, upgraded community garden, swing benches, picnic tables, ping pong table and connections to the LRT bridge and Memorial Drive.


Construction will begin in Spring 2021 and is expected to be completed in Summer 2022. While work is underway, the Sunnyside Shared Community Garden will not be accessible this year. We are working hard to make sure the upgraded garden is ready for the 2022 season.

Construction impacts

Tree removal

As construction is set to begin, you may have seen tree removal signage in the area. We know that trees provide many environmental, public health and social benefits. The City of Calgary works to preserve as many trees as possible throughout construction – removing a tree is a last resort. However, as part of the area improvements, some unhealthy trees are being removed and new trees will be planted in the area to replace canopy.

Area closures and detours

For your safety, area closures and detour signs will be in place to help visitors navigate construction.  Work will be sequenced to minimize impacts, however there will be detours in place for pedestrians and cyclists as sidewalks are being widened.


  • 2011 - A group of independent citizens approached the Ward 7 Office and the Bow to Bluff partnership was established. Council approves funding for engaging residents and developing a design framework.
  • 2012 - The Bow to Bluff Urban Design Framework and the Bow to Bluff Process Guide were finalized by the community, consultants and City staff following a high-level review of the documents.
  • 2017 – Community engagement took place to make sure the design framework was still relevant to help prioritize the projects outlined in the framework.
  • 2018-19 – The Public Realm Plan was updated to reflect community engagement and guide detailed design and construction of the various projects.
  • 2020 – Construction contract was put out to market and awarded with construction to begin in 2021.