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Electric bikes on pathways

Electric bikes (e-bikes) are rapidly growing in popularity and Calgarians are now looking to use them in our city parks. All bicycles must obey the Parks & Pathway Bylaws. Gasoline powered motorized bicycles are not allowed on pathways or t​rails.

What is an e-bike?

An e-bike is a bicycle that has an electric motor that can be used to move the bike. We recognize pedelecs and power on demand bikes as the two main types of e-bikes.​​

Pedelecs (allowed)


Pedelecs are e-bikes with pedal assist systems. They use sensors to activate the motor when the bike is pedaled. The motor turns off when pedaling stops or when the e-bike reaches 32km/h.They are designed to enhance the power of the rider, not to replace it. Since pedaling is required on pedelecs, they are considered bicycles.

Pedelecs are allowed on pathways and trails, except where bicycles are prohibited.​​​

Power on demand (not allowed)


Power on demand e-bikes use a throttle to activate the motor. The motor (or motors) on these bikes are independent of the pedals, making pedaling an option. You can either cruise using the power of the motor without pedaling or pedal while using the motor. The motor turns off when the brakes are applied or when the off button on the throttle is pushed. Since pedaling is not required, they are not considered bicycles.

Power on demand e-bikes are not allowed on pathways or trails.

For more information on pathway regulations read the Parks and Pathways Bylaw.​​​​​​​​​