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Recreation phased reopening

Recreation phased reopening

We are doing everything we can to make sure all Calgarians can stay safe and healthy as we reopen our recreation facilities, programs and services. That means taking extra precautions and reopening in phases to make sure we limit the spread of COVID-19. 

How we decided what will open first

  • Prioritizing outdoor summer offerings. The Province sped up lifting restrictions for outdoor amenities like golf courses and athletic park fields, so we were able to reopen these facilities first.
  • Focusing on facility readiness. During the closures, we took the opportunity to speed up planned maintenance work at several facilities. Some of this work is still being completed so we've chosen facilities that were ready for the public. 
  • Trying to keep costs down. Focusing on our busier facilities and reducing some hours of operation helps us save on operational costs. This helps keep our rates and fees affordable.

What's impacting what opens next

There are many factors The City must consider when reopening:

  • Provincial restrictions are still in place. We have to make sure our recreation facilities align with the provincial guidelines for Stage 2 reopening. The transmission risk is higher in enclosed areas where physical activity takes place and masks can’t be used at all times.
  • We are rethinking health and safety measures. Processes for our business need to be adapted to reduce physical interactions and ensure physical distancing can be maintained. This includes planning for contact tracing and having a rapid response plan ready if our customers or staff develop symptoms.
  • Developing an online booking system. We're working on a new booking process to help limit the number of people in our facilities at any time. This helps maintain physical distancing and gives us time to clean in between.
  • We are rehiring and training staff. Facility staff numbers were reduced because our facilities were closed for so long. With new health and safety measures, we are working hard to rehire and retrain staff as quickly as possible.

Facility and program schedules


16 arenas are now open to book. Remaining arenas will reopen in September/October.

Arts Centres

Our Arts Centres are currently closed. We are offering outdoor Day Camps at North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre.

Athletic parks and amenities

Running tracks, play fields and 21 sports fields are open. Remaining athletic parks are scheduled to reopen based on demand.

Day Camps

Registration is open for outdoor summer Day Camps. Day Camps are for children ages 6-12. Programming runs July 6 to late August.

Free summer programs

Free summer programs are available at locations across Calgary. Registration is required.

Glenmore Reservoir

Open for public recreational use. The Glenmore Sailing School is closed and boat rentals are not available this summer.

Golf courses

All of our golf courses, driving ranges and putting greens are available for use. Bookings are required.

Indoor Pools, Fitness, and Leisure Centres

Six indoor pools and fitness centres are currently open. Drop-in appointments are required for access.

Tennis Courts

Our tennis courts are open for use.