Become a fitness instructor

We are looking for interested individuals that would like to pursue the following areas:

  • Group fitness instructor
  • Aquatic fitness instructor
  • Group resistance instructor
  • Older adult fitness instructor
  • Weight room monitor

Join the City of Calgary's fitness team!

Working for The City of Calgary fitness team provides a chance to work in a healthy environment, where you have the ability to affect people's lives in a positive way.

  • Work at various locations
  • Meet new people
  • Help others
  • Keep fit, and have fun while working
  • Flexible hours
  • Enjoyable

Applying to work for The City of Calgary

You may apply for fitness leadership positions as posted on The City of Calgary Career Opportunities or drop off your resume at the indoor pool, fitness, or leisure centre that you'd like to work at.

If a facility is looking to hire an instructor, they will request an interview and possibly a demonstration of your skills. You will be required to provide the following:

  1. A current resume
  2. Two references
  3. Original and current documentation of your certification (AFLCA or equivalent):
  4. Current CPR Level C and Standard First Aid documentation.

After completion of a successful interview, reference checks and a successful demonstration, you may be asked to join The City of Calgary Fitness Team. At that time further personal documentation will be required such as your driver's license, AHC card, birth certificate, etc.

Steps to Becoming Certified

Step 1
Contact the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association (AFLCA) to find out when certification courses are being offered. You can also visit for courses offered at City facilities.

Step 2
Register for the AFLCA Fitness Theory course (note: It is recommended that the Fitness Theory course be taken prior to your chosen specialty).

Step 3
Choose the specialty that is of interest to you and register: Group Exercise, Resistance Training, Aquatic Fitness Instructor and/or Older Adult.

Step 4
You will need to write an exam on the Fitness Theory and on each specialty you choose. You will be provided with a list of exam dates and sites at your course.

Step 5
After completion of your specialty course(s) you will need to obtain 7 hours of practical teaching in your specialty area. You may try a City of Calgary fitness facility that is close to you to inquire about setting up a practical teaching experience.

Step 6
After completion of your practical teaching hours, contact an AFLCA Trainer to observe and evaluate you for certification. You can contact AFLCA for a listing of Trainers for your specialty.

Step 7
Obtain your CPR Level C certification.

Step 8
Upon successfully passing your exams, send the AFLCA documentation of the completed requirements for certification and your certification fee.

NOTE: Equivalent certifications may also be accepted by The City of Calgary.​​​​