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Artists Working in Community

Artists Working in Community

The Artists Working in Community course provided professional development for artists interested in pursuing public art projects with a community focus, and was intended for professional artists wishing to:

Through engagement with guest speakers, group discussions and course work, participants were provided with an in-depth understanding of community-based public art and how they can develop a practice in this area. Participants learn about some of the types of public art that can benefit from involving community members in the process, and the important artistic and cultural changes that can result from such an interactive approach.

As a part of the course, participating artists design a public art project that addresses specific needs and concerns of a community organization while incorporating community members in a participatory way. At course completion, a public panel chooses one of the proposed projects. A community partner will receive that artwork for their site.

The artwork may be temporary or permanent. Total budget for the artwork varies per year. It is funded by the Public Art Program.

Community Partner Benefits

In 2018, we partnered with This is My Neighborhood on three public art projects. Selected artists drew on the skills, knowledge and experiences gained through our course. They submitted proposals for community-focused public art. These projects reflect and support This is My Neighborhood programs.

This is My Neighbourhood (TIMN) was created to benefit local neighbourhoods. Residents work with the City to identify areas for improvement. The goal is to make our neighbourhoods better places to live, work and play. In 2016. It resulted in more than 100 programs and improvement projects. 14 communities were the recipients.

In 2018-2019 a new group of 14 communities are involved. Three of those requested Public Art as an improvement.

These projects can be viewed in the gallery below and include:

  • Stories of Ranchland in Ranchland
  • Connecting Histories in Ogden/Millican
  • DayNight Art in Spruce Cliff