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Centre City Banner Program Artist Roster - Angie Rees

Artists St​atement

“When given the opportunity to design 6 images for banners to adorn the city’s downtown core, I decided to focus on Alberta’s biodiversity. I wanted to represent different parts of the province by featuring the various animals that inhabit them. Some animals like the geese and the hares are commonplace and we encounter them in our everyday lives in urban and rural settings. The other animals like the bear, moose, bison and mountain goat are more exotic and rare and, if we’re lucky, might be seen on a road trip through one of our many beautiful National or Provincial parks.

The other “Albertan” detail you’ll notice in these banner designs is the changing weather - it’s remarkable to contemplate different winter survival strategies of all of these species. Personally, I think the geese have it right heading somewhere warmer for a few months.”

-Angie Rees

A sunny home studio in the inner city community of Ramsay is where Angie Rees spends most of her days, with paintbrush in hand.

Whimsical, playful and eccentric come to mind in describing Angie’s art. Her imaginative works are extremely well crafted with rich surface textures and a vibrant, arresting palette. The wit and humor of her clever titles add another dimension to these “visual puns.” Angie’s work is widely collected and can be seen in many galleries across western Canada. In addition to this Angie has had several paintings made into artisanal wooden puzzles produced by and has recently produced 3 Christmas cards for UNICEF. Most recently, she was delighted to be selected to produce art banners for the city of Calgary.

To see more of Angie’s work check out her website​