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Artist Roster

The Artist Roster provides a list of pre-selected artists eligible to be contracted for a wide range of public art projects with a budget under $75,000. Artists on the roster are not guaranteed projects and reserve the right to decline any offer presented to them.

The Artists on this roster specialize in a variety of disciplines. Within each of the following categories we have listed the artists that can complete projects of that type.

Community-Based Art

​The artists listed below can do community-based (CB), social practice (SP), performance (P), and tactical urbanism (TU) projects. The letters listed next to the artist's name indicate which of these disciplines they specialize in.

​Melisa Centrofanti (CB, SP, P, TU) ​Trina Listanco (CB, SP)
​Andy Davies (CB, SP, P) ​Patricia Lortie (CB)
​Vania Dimitrova (CB, SP) ​Wednesday Lupypciw (CB, SP, P, TU)
​Sharon Fortowsky (CB, SP, P, TU) ​Julia Morar (CB, SP, TU)
​Stephanie Hoogeveld (CB) ​Isabel Porto (CB, P, TU)
​Monica Ila (Puppetry) ​Lane Shordee (CB, SP, P, TU)
​Sarah Johnston (CB) ​Jennifer Stables (CB)
​Eveline Kolijn (CB, SP)



​The artists listed below can do drawing projects.

​Melisa Centrofanti ​Su Lee
​Brent Clowater ​Patricia Lortie
​Andy Davies ​Mateusz Napieralski
​Vania Dimitrova ​My-An Nguyen
​Sharon Fortowsky ​Isabel Porto
​Terry Gregorashuk ​Lane Shordee
​Michael Grills ​Jennifer Stables
​Stephanie Hoogeveld ​Christie Tims
​Sarah Johnston ​Char Vanderhorst
​Eveline Kolijn ​Nicole Wolf


Illustration and Graphic Design

​​The artists listed below can do illustration (I) and graphic design (GD) projects. The letters listed next to the artist's name indicate which of these disciplines they specialize in.

​Brent Clowater (I, GD) ​Su Lee (I, GD)​
​Vania Dimitrova (I, GD) ​Mateusz Napieralski (I, GD)
​Terry Gregorashuk (I) ​My-An Nguyen (I)
​Michael Grills (I) ​Kim Parrent (I)
​Emmanual Ho (I, GD) ​Jennifer Stables (I)
​Sarah Johnston (I, GD) ​Hakan Temucin (I, GD)
​Eveline Kolijn (I) ​Nicole Wolf (I)


Land Form and Environmental Art

​​The artists listed below can do land form and environmental art projects.

​Melisa Centrofanti ​Juliana Morar
​Andy Davies ​Isabel Porto
​Trina Listanco ​Lane Shordee


New Media Art

​​The artists listed below can do web/digital (WD), light/projection (LP), sound (S), and animation (A) projects. The letters listed next to the artist's name indicate which of these disciplines they specialize in.

​Michael Grills (WD) ​Lane Shordee (LP, S)
​Emmanual Ho (WD, LP, A) ​Hakan Temucin (WD, S)
​Sarah Johnston (WD) ​Christie Tims (WD)
​Eveline Kolijn (LP) ​Mali Vargas (LP)
​Wednesday Lupypciw (WD, A) ​Nicole Wolf (WD)
​My-An Nguyen (WD)


Painting and Murals

​The artists listed below can do painting (P) and mural (M) projects. The letters listed next to the artist's name indicate which disciplines they specialize in.

​Melisa Centrofanti (P, M) ​Su Lee​ (P, M)
B​rent Clowater​​rent Clowater​ (P) ​Patricia Lortie (P)
​Andy Davies (P) ​Mateusz Napieralski (P, M)
​Vania Dimitrova (P) ​My-An Nguyen (P, M)
​Sharon Fortowsky (P, M) ​Kim Parrent (P, M)
​Terry Gregorashuk (P) ​Lane Shordee (P, M)
​Michael Grills (M) ​Jennifer Stables (P, M)
​Emmanual Ho (P) ​Hakan Temucin (M)
S​tephanie Hoogeveld (P, M) ​Christie Tims (P, M)
​Monica Ila​ (P) ​Char Vanderhorst (P, M)
​Sarah Johnston (P, M) ​Mali Vargas (P)
​Eveline Kolijn (P, M) ​Nicole Wolf (P, M)


Printmaking and Photography

​​The artists listed below can do printmaking (PR) and photography (PH) projects. The letters listed next to the artist's name indicate which of these disciplines they specialize in.

​Melisa Centrofanti (PR) ​Patricia Lortie (PR)​
​Brent Clowater (PR) ​Wednesday Lupypciw (PR)
​Andy Davies (PR) ​Mateusz Napieralski (PR)
​Emmanual Ho (PH) ​Isabel Porto (PH)
​Eveline Kolijn (PR, PH) ​Hakan Temucin (PH)


Sculpture, Fine Craft, and Functional Art

​​The artists listed below can do sculpture (S), metal (M), wood (W), ceramics (C), glass (G), fibre (F), and functional art (FA) projects. The letters listed next to the artist's name indicate which of these disciplines they specialize in.

​Melisa Centrofanti (F, FA)​ ​Wednesday Lupypciw (F)
​Andy Davies (S, W, M, FA) ​Julia Morar (W, FA)
​Vania Dimitrova (FA) ​Lane Shordee (S, W, M, FA)
​Terry Gregorashuk (S) ​Jennifer Stables (S)
​Monica Ila (S) ​Christie Tims (G)
​Eveline Kolijn (S, FA) ​Mali Vargas (S)
​Trina Listanco (FA) ​Carl Wright (S)
​Patricia Lortie (S, W, G, C)


Communities or community members who would like to apply to have an artwork in their neighbourhood can contact us at Projects that aren’t initiated or budgeted by The City of Calgary Public Art Program must be funded by the applicant(s).

2017 Artist Roster

These artists are eligible for projects starting in 2017 and 2018.

Melissa Centofanti

Born in Windsor Ontario, Melissa Centofanti is the daughter of Italian economic immigrants. In 1998 she moved to Calgary, Alberta. Melissa is currently a community artist living and working with a deep passion for the city she has grown to love. Her work is constantly pushing the boundaries of fine art, beauty and traditional societal roles. Melissa holds a BFA from the University of Windsor. A full time artist, she uses her 'real world' experience in graphic design, the non-profit sector and in a Montessori school to complement her art practice. As a friendly, extroverted artist, Melissa thrives on collaborations with artist collectives, non-profit groups and community organizations.

Artist Statement

Art of any discipline feeds the soul, heart, and passions of its creators and audience. Facilitating works of art and workshops that are process focused, democratic and make art production/presentation accessible to everyone from all walks of life is one of Melissa's priorities. Public engagement is an integral part of her personal art practice. She has experience with a number of materials and methods for art production from mural painting and printmaking to artistic social practice. Melissa's art includes a variety of mediums and collaborations with other artists. She has teaching experience in a variety of mediums for all ages from 2-92.

Remaking the Village, 2015
Killarney Community Mural 2828 28th Street SW Calgary
Spray paint, latex

Nutritious Still Lives
8" X 10" to 12" X 14"
Acrylic paint on recycled material

Urban Youth Worx Mural, 2006
12' X 40', latex paint
33street and 26th avenue SW

Open Source Soup
4" x 6", Watercolour

Brent Clowater

I'm originally from Fredericton New Brunswick where I received an honours diploma in Creative Graphics from the New Brunswick College of Design. I moved to Vancouver in 2003 and began establishing my independent art, design and illustration practice immediately after graduating. During my time in Vancouver, I gained experience as a Resident Artist with the Vancouver School Board and ArtStarts. There I taught and coordinated multiple large-scale art projects for a number of schools and organizations. I have exhibited paintings internationally and have gained representation as an Illustrator. One of my largest projects was leading a group of over 100 community members and students in developing and painting a 4800 sq ft mural that told a story of multiculturalism and transformation. I'm a multi-facetted visual artist with many years of professional experience and have recently relocated to Calgary where I am expanding my artistic practice. I look forward to conversing about any potential creative projects, as I am very motivated to work with other people and to make lots of cool things.

Artist Statement

My initial interest in art came early, fostered by both my grandmothers, I was always given materials to create with from a very early age. From scraps to oil paint, I was allowed to use anything and encouraged to make whatever I wanted. In elementary school I drew temporary tattoos and comic books for class mates. As a teenager I was inspired by the creativity of skateboarding and I decided that I wanted to make skateboard graphics. That along with music, graffiti and street art eventually led me to go to art school. By the time I moved to Vancouver, I solidified art into my life and I began working professionally as a graphic illustrator. In my mid 20's I discovered a passion for painting and started digging deep to figure out what really inspired me to create. My surroundings have always resonated strongly with me so I began painting dream like representations of my environment. These works take shape as impressionistic landscapes, interior stages and urban scenes. I look forward to working in Calgary and am currently beginning to create art inspired by this city for an exhibition in 2018.

Legacy Mural Project, 2015
4800 sq. ft.
Tupper Secondary School, Vancouver
Co-Created by Cree Artist Jerry Whitehead

Prosperity, 2017
11" x 16"
Oil on Canvas

Spirit Bear
11" x 14"
Watercolour on paper
Photo credit: artist

Transformation Mural, 2012
1800 sq. ft.
Sir William MacDonald Elementary School
Co-created by Richard Tetrault and Nahn Doc Nguyen

Andy Davies

Formally trained by the intensive art program at Red Deer College, Andy Davies graduated with a B.F.A. / B.Ed. from the University of Lethbridge in 2009, receiving a Gold Medal nomination. Davies has maintained an active practice with a focus on sculpture and interventions in public space. He has exhibited work at various galleries and festivals throughout Alberta. He has three major public commissions in Alberta and Ontario, with a fourth currently in progress in White Rock, British Columbia. Andy Davies is a Canadian artist based in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Artist Statement:

Davies' public art philosophy is one of creating space, entry points, and conversation. He creates conversations in physical form to activate human conversations around them. Davies prefers to work in multiples, or with multiple components in a single piece, to create internal dialogue the viewer can join. His work spans from the ephemeral - 'temporary drawings' using natural elements, playful interventions and happenings that engage the public, to the permanent - public commissions that create lasting hubs of gathering. Davies' work is designed to resonate and respond to its surroundings and communities. Creating travel and destinations is another goal of the work. The work activates and includes not only the pieces, but the space in between as well. The pieces are not complete until the space and tension between them are filled - by people, their imagination, or their vision. The viewer is encouraged to move from one piece to the next through a sense of “connecting the dots,” linked by reminiscence, wonder, and discovery.

Traveller's Return, 2011
Prince Arthur's Landing, Thunder Bay, ON

How Can I Miss You If You Never Go Away?, 2007
Galt Gardens, Lethbridge, AB

We All Fit Together, 2010
G.H. Dawe Centre, Red Deer, AB

Art School

Vania Dimitrova

Vania was the recipient of the prestigious Award of Distinction for Immigrants in Arts and Culture in 2015. She really enjoys working with children fostering love towards art and for the several years she has been coordinating and organizing private art programs for elementary school age children, art camps and public art workshops at her community. Vania is an immigrant artist originating from Bulgaria, Europe and completed her Master of Fine Arts education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria. Vania has an international recognition from the media and have exhibited her art works in several public and private art galleries in Bulgaria, Malta, New York and Canada. Her inspiration is often drawn from her life experience as an immigrant woman, as well from the books she reads. She is experienced in public art, graphic design, abstract art, landscapes, illustrations and portraits. Vania volunteers and rises funds for the schools where she organizes the after school art programs.

Artist Statement

The power of the Universe always has been generated by the input and the creative endeavor of every human on Earth and space. We get to benefit from that energy and make our contributions to the life through any talent we own. The artists are the ones that have that sensitivity to feel the flow of the creative cosmic energy and to respond to that. Open to inspiration determines our philosophy in life and our spiritual existence. Meditation helps us achieve to the point of that spiritual trans and through that transformational existence to reach to the point of supper harmony by creating art. The positive flow of that creativity energy that an artist projects into his work, the feeling of fusion with the immensity stimulates the global energy potential. Our existence is a rotation into a circle and desire to gain to the point of finding the balance between the material and the spiritual existence. The most beneficial for us are the love and the peace in our souls, which are our priority and our ascendancy.

Fauna & Abstract - Trash bin installation
Bankview Community Center, Vinyl
Bankview residents participated in this project via public art workshops organized by the Artist. Installation by abl Imaging Group.

Acrylic on Canvas

War Horses - Murals by Apollinaire
Abstract Collage

Bankview Sign
Bankview Community Centre

Sharon Fortowsky

I am a Calgary based artist interested in working with others on projects that are often collaborative in nature. I work as an Artist in Residence in Calgary Board of Education schools and have experience developing projects with community groups, including a "This is My Neighbourhood" project with the City of Calgary. Using the artmaking process as a tool to bring people together I have facilitated a variety of activities such as the exploration of art materials, the creation of individual artwork that becomes part of a larger whole, and the visioning of projects using different engagement strategies. My projects are never the same as each one is driven by the context of the situation with input from participants. I like to use a variety of materials in this work so that the most appropriate tools, techniques and mediums can be used for each individual undertaking.

Artist Statement

I believe that making art together provides us with opportunities to connect with each other. In the process of working on a project, ideas of identity, belonging, memory, story and sense of place are often reinforced and/or discovered. By including artmaking processes in our work as a community I think we can create the circumstances that ask us to look more closely at our physical and social surroundings. As a facilitator and composer of these artmaking interactions I try to invite participation in a variety of ways. I believe this approach can be more inclusive and brings out the many diverse voices present in our communities. I value the many processes inherent in this work such as brainstorming, researching, planning, refining, creating, installing and celebrating as much as the product that is produced which is the tangible artifact of a sometimes intangible experience.

Cast of Characters, 2014
1.2m x 9m
Chalk on Sidewalk

Of This Place - Babbling Brook, 2016
56cm x 135cm x 48cm
Vinyl wrap reproduction of mixed media work on foam board
Trash Bin Installation

Of This Place - Brick Pathway. 2016
Vinyl wrap reproduction of mixed media work on foam board
Trash Bin Installation

Legacy Mural, 2017
2.4m x 1.6m
Mixed media work on canvas covered bulletin boards
Scenic Acres School

Terry Gregoraschuk

After attending The Alberta College of Art from 1977 to 1980 I was employed firstly as an Illuminated Sign Designer until 1983 followed by working as Art Director for the Calgary branch of Western Living Magazine from 1983 to 1987. Pursuing a fine arts career since 1980 I have developed a reputation for supplying unique works of art in a multitude of mediums and styles to both the private and corporate sectors and have participated in over 140 exhibitions at the local, national and international levels. The main focus of my artwork is two dimensional paintings from smaller pieces to large scale murals. I also create sculptural pieces in steel, stainless steel, bronze, fiberglass and mixed media. The style of my artwork ranges from high realism through to expressive and abstract. My artwork is in the collections of or has been commission by corporations such as Canada Post Corporation, Environment Canada, The Royal Tyrrell Museum, The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, The City of Calgary, Medicine Hat Museum and The Esso Art Collection. Working together with Architects, Art Consultants, Engineers and Art Committees, I have participated on numerous projects which involves the collaboration between the Artist, Art Committee and/or Client. Some of my clients that required this process include: Canada Post Corporation, Environment Canada, The Royal Tyrrell Museum, The Town of High River, The Town of Stony Plain, 4th Street Public Art Society, Bankers Hall and The City of Calgary. Over the last eight years I have also been employed part-time as an Art Instructor at Mount Royal University.

Artist Statement

My Artwork is mainly an exploration of the Singular. Painting a single item, form, scene or moment in time on a simple or stark background, lets the viewer focus in on the subject matter to explore and appreciate the intricacies.

In for Supplies Mural
36' X 74'
High River

Heading Home
5' X 10' X 50'
4th Street Public Art Society - Calgary
Corten Steel & Stainless Steel

Only in Cowgary
60” X 96”
Strathcona Tweedsmere School, Okotoks
Acrylic on canvas

Calgary Stampede Millennium Stamp
Commissioned by Canada Post Corporation

Michael Grills

Michael Grills is an award-winning illustrator and artist. Multinational companies, magazines, video game producers as well as local restaurants, and the City have all used my services to engage consumers, help with company culture, and enhance spaces where people congregate. Designed to understand and take into consideration the values of all stakeholders in any community, whether residential, corporate or a mix, my work is a reflection of the people who commission the art, as well as those who will view it in the future. Michael recently completed an artist in residence with the Calgary Board of Education and is doing a Community Engagement piece with Canyon Meadows pool, creating a 3D mural. He also teaches Illustration, Motion Graphics, and Video Editing at the University of Calgary.

Artist Statement

My work uses modern technology in both the concept and creative process mixed with traditional medias to bring out the highest level of craft and concept in every piece I create. While tradition informs, Modern tools and innovations create new solutions. The goal of every project is to understand all the stakeholders. Each project is approached with an open mind as I dig into understanding the unique perspectives of all involved. I work to be a filter and apply new visual perspectives and understanding to every project I approach. My work is sometimes considered edgy but never out of touch as I always attempt to stretch the visual vocabulary of those whom I engage. Solutions are often more interesting than the original concepts which will often show all stakeholders what can happen when their original visions are enhanced. The excitement generated as stakeholders take part in the creative process is just as rewarding as the final reveal.

Calgary Armour Block
Window Murals

Prince of Wales Horns and Tails Yearbook, 2017

Reflections and Flow
Canyon Meadows Aquatic and Fitness Centre

Regrub Monster
Street Mural

Emmanuel Ho

Emmanuel Ho was born in Montreal, Quebec and attended the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, British Columbia. He trained in Graphic Design and extended these skills to experimental film-making early in his career. His short film work has been screened around the world and has notably been able to find a home in both commercial venues along with fine-art spaces. Emmanuel now lives and works from his studio in Calgary, Alberta.

Artist Statement

I have been exploring the formal nature of motion for the last 15 years. This began as a focus on commercial animation techniques and quickly sprawled into incorporating traditional animation, filmmaking, and photography. I believe the initial impetus of my explorations was an obsession to uncover new and difficult visual grammar, however I am currently finding an enjoyable theme developing in my current body of work: To create interesting visual meditative experiences that stay with the viewer.



Owl Still
Bus Wrap


Stephanie Hoogveld

Stephanie Hoogveld is best known for enhancing her local and global community through art. Together with her three sisters, Stephanie created The Sky Painters, a charity in memory of their mother who passed away to cancer. The aim of The Sky Painters was to bring hope and inspiration through art by painting a series of 56 paintings telling the stories of 56 individuals impacted by cancer. On June 8th, 2016, all paintings were auctioned off at The Skies of Hope Gala and Art Auction, raising over $185, 000 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada. In 2014, Stephanie was juried to complete the artwork for the 2014 Calgary Stampede Dream Home, and in 2013, was selected as the Best New Artist in the Calgary Stampede Western Art Showcase. In 2012, she won the National Generation Art Prize from the Michaelle Jean Foundation to represent positive change in her local and global communities. To learn more about Stephanie and her work, please visit her website or visit Art of Ninth Gallery in Calgary.

Artist Statement

My work varies from bright, vibrant and colorful pieces that reflect joy and a sense of play, to rich monochromatic paintings in warm sepia hues, which evoke curiosity and compassion for the given subject. In each painting, I aim to produce works that speak louder than any words I could verbally express. My goal is to create paintings that speak for positive change, ultimately spreading joy to each viewer.

The Moose, 2016
48" x 48"
Oil on Canvas

Shine Together, 2016
36" x 60"
Oil on Canvas

The Potency of Life
40" x 40"
Oil on Canvas

Chasing Freedom
48" x 72"
Oil on Canvas

Monica Ila

Monica Ila is an emerging visual artist based in Calgary, Alberta and has known what she has wanted to do since she was a child knee deep in finger paints. Predominately working with painting and drawing, her craft has evolved to include larger than life sculptural pieces and art installation. She has recently started to explore a new passion of puppet design and construction as well. Being a self-taught and self-represented artist, she enjoys the freedom to express herself with acrylics but also to continually explore new media, techniques and interdisciplinary work. This work has been exhibited at artsPlace Canmore, the Pumphouse Theatre, Vertigo Theatre, the Calgary Public Library, among others. Her art has supported community events and local charities, through donations, auctions and projects such as Spruce Meadows' 'Jump to Give a Leg Up' and contributing to the Beakerhead festival. Her creations invite the viewer to rediscover the whimsy outside the routine and she believes that art has the ability to bring communities closer together.

Artist Statement

I am an emerging visual artist, cartographer and creature maker. I have a growing passion for art installation and puppetry, and make creatures that are life-sized whenever possible. Often when I am painting, I am dreaming up new worlds and characters to live within them. My paintings reflect my love of playing with the simplicity of line, bright pigments and complex shapes. I seek to paint styles out of my comfort zone as each endeavour teaches me something new and helps to evolve my practice. When making creatures from my imagination the scale is only limited by the size of my ceilings and the increasingly shrinking storage in my studio. They are part of a spontaneous process that, aside from ensuring their stability, is largely improvised. I use repurposed or recycled goods whenever possible and more often than not, colourful fur is involved. I feel profoundly lucky to be able to create art and I am dedicated to produce a body of work that engages a sense of wonder and is accessible to all.

Atlas was painted over a three week period with volunteers

Otzi the Yeti
PVC pipe, foam, fabric, vinyl, recycled materials and fun fur

12" x 12"
Acrylic on birch panel

36" x 12"
Acrylic on canvas

Sarah Johnston

Growing up in Calgary Sarah cultivated her love for local landscape. After graduating for the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2008 she has worked full time as a graphic designer, while creating custom artwork for select clients independently. She is a skilled, creative thinker well versed in digital and traditional media.

Artist Statement

Creative but logical best defines Sarah's approach to art. She understand that every piece created has unique requirements that need to be addressed with a keen eye to detail, without losing sight of the project as a whole. She believes that creating work that is displayed in the public realm is a way to give back to the community and further perpetuate local conversation and inspiration.

Transformer Box

Transformer Box



Eveline Kolijn

Eveline Kolijn is a print media and multidisciplinary artist, who lives and works in Calgary. She graduated from the Alberta College of Art + Design in 2008 and is the recipient of the Governor General's Academic medal. Since graduating, Eveline has developed her visual arts career through exhibitions and residencies, public art projects, teaching and community development. She has exhibited nationally and internationally. Her art has been published in various scientific publications. She is a print media instructor for the School of Continuing Education at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Canada.

Artist Statement

Eveline Kolijn is a Calgary artist whose interest in the biological sciences and concern for the environment is expressed through printmaking and sculptural installations made from found synthetic materials. She explores forms and patterns in Nature and the relationship between our society and the natural environment. Eveline strongly believes that the arts enrich society, and wants to share her experience and passion in learning environments and community involvement.

Calgary Parks Banners
From 'The Mesh Suites', 2011-2013
Linocuts digitally altered and printed on fabric

Bleached Coral Color Infusion, 2013
105cm x 65cm x 10 cm
Handcut Styrofoam panels, plexiglas, multicolor LED lighting

Utility Boxes
Downtown core, Calgary

Breath of Life, 2014
Digital print on backlight film, constructed into lamp

Su Lee

Su Lee is a Calgary-based illustrator. She received her BDes from Alberta College of Art + Design. She creates illustrations for various clients including but not limited to publishers, design agencies, organizations and enjoys collaborating with other creatives.

Artist Statement

My approach to illustration is intentional, both aesthetic qualities and functionality are important to my work. I enjoy creating illustrations for fashion, publishing (children's books & Adults), editorial and commercial projects that connects the audience through storytelling; narrative is an important aspect that arises within all of my work. My imagination is the driving force in my practice and I draw upon inspiration from my environment, people and diverse cultures. With every project, I enjoy problem-solving through versatile approaches and being challenged creatively.

Book Cover

CPO Poster

Adult Colouring Book

CPO Prelude Magazine Editorial

Trina Go Listanco

Born in 1982 to a Geologist father and a Civil Engineer mother in Quezon City, Philippines at a time when democracy was being restored, Trina’s interest in the sciences, the social sciences, the arts, and transcendence started very early on in her politicized childhood.

Trina claims to have natural, almost mystical affinity with water. She enjoys being in, on, and under water; and finds inter-connections in many things, ideas, and issues. Naturally, she pursued Geography in her undergraduate studies and researched Manila’s estuaries, hydrology, and disaster issues. Her Master’s thesis at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) is a design of an alternative wastewater treatment system to remediate Manila’s infamously polluted waterways.

Her academic training in geography and in environmental engineering synergizes (and sometimes clashes) in her creative and pragmatic ideas and projects for place+making, sustainable development, health and wellness etc.

Artist Statement:

“Landscapes” do not just mean the passive topographic backdrops of human activities. “Landscapes” refer to the “feel” and “character” of a place. “Landscapes” are generated by bodies, energies, politics, and emotions; and they are reflexive of our values, our material and social relationships and connections --our ecologies. Thus, I tend to design in terms of “systems”, experiences, and relationships.

I believe that a “landscape of care and of health” is a landscape that is truly worth sustaining. I believe that health and wellness should be at the core of sustainable development discourses.

Magick is not about tricks and delusions. Magick to me means transcendence. Magick means to examine boundaries and categories. I am most interested in exploring the boundary between the human body and the City. Similar to the human bodies, our cities and our economies require healthy metabolism or metabolic regimes to function.

Trina's creative and concept-weaving practice operates under the name: “Latticerie Atelier”

At Home in the City, 2017
Heart for Art Walk with the Drop In Centre

Dinner in the Dark, 2016
Activity table centrepieces with AgIC Circuit paper and conducting ink pen

A Hundred Thousand Butterflies
Paper Butterflies

The Wattle Fence
Wild Guava Wattles
Hilo, Hawaii

Patricia Lortie

In her childhood at the family's cabin in Quebec, there was a magnificent maple tree that Patricia Lortie felt privilege to climb. During one of those climbs, she discovered that her tree was in fact two trees. They grew so close to each other that they became one: entangled. Today, entanglement is the focus of her work as a visual artist. In her public art practice, she fosters a sense of entanglement with nature and with community through environmental stewardship.

Artist Statement

Everything that exists reacts to forces of repulsion and attraction that generate perpetual movement. Both the tension that separates and the attraction that bonds each of us to one another as well as to our environment create our entangled world. Lortie's work is an abstracted expression of those forces. It celebrates our privileged awareness of being, being alive, being in this world and interacting with it - a world that is in a perpetual state of change where we exist in balance and flow.

Orchard, 2012
KOAC project
Springbank, Alberta

Traces, 2015
The Green Footprints Project
Old Y building

Open Hand, 2010
Dare to Dream
Grand Ville Island,Vancouver
Bronze & forged metal

Closed Hand, 2010
Dare to Dream
Grand Ville Island,Vancouver
Bronze & forged metal

Wednesday Lupypciw

Wednesday Lupypciw is a labourer who also teaches meditation and studies physics. Her video + performance art practice is based in Calgary Alberta. She maintains a concurrent practice in textiles: on- + off-loom weaving, rope making + knot tying, dyeing, and crochet, but this stuff is done mostly while procrastinating on other, larger projects. The output from all of these activities is different, but the feeling is the same--queer, pluralistic, fairly compensated, and critical. Lupypciw is a Fibre programme graduate from the Alberta College of Art + Design, and has worked and exhibited in many spaces throughout Canada.

Artist Statement

I frequently attend flea markets, rock shows, political rallies, movie screenings, panel discussions, and hang out at grocery stores, public parks, libraries, and airports. I take all of my thoughts about all of these places and roll them into a multifaceted art thing that I would love to attend myself. An ideal occurrence, to me, includes: daylight, free admission, yarn, improvisation, welcoming, peacefulness, a little bit of mischief, costumes and dressing up, snacks, research, reference materials for later use, and the ability to enjoy alone or in groups of people. In my artistic event-endeavours I try to make meaningful connections between various people and organizations that I admire, to foster mutual respect while encouraging positive, progressive networks to grow.

The Feminists Supremacy, 2014
Drumming & performance in Olympic Plaza, Calgary
Photo by Thierry Aime

Ultrasound, 2013-2016
Digisomething TV!
Video still

Weaving in the Spacetime Continuum, 2010-2013
Video still

Allies Honour You, 2014
Drumming & performance
Queen City Pride festival, Regina Saskatchewan
Photo by Carey Shaw

Juliana Morar

With an early education in Art and an award-winning professional practice in Landscape Design, Juliana's work sits at the intersection of Art and Landscape Architecture. Her collaborative work, INCLUSIVE, a land art installation, was exhibited in Colorado Springs (US) for one year as part of the Art of the Street Competition. In Calgary, her body of work explored through public engagement the same theme of inclusiveness, tolerance and social ethic with DÉJÀ VU, an installation commissioned by the City of Calgary for the benefit of the Chumir Sheldon Health Centre. In 2017, under the project management of the City of Calgary, Juliana was part of the multi-collaborative design team that created the 4th Avenue Flyover Project redesign in a Tactical Urbanism approach, through multiple stages and forms of Public Engagement. Manually skilled and hands-on, Juliana does her own stone, decorative concrete, and woodwork. In 2016-2017 Juliana was selected to be part of the City of Calgary's Functional Art - Street Furniture (Bike Racks) pilot project.

Artist Statement

As a landscape designer and emerging artist, my body of work gravitates around the relationship between public space and human wellbeing, exploring the forms of place-making through design and art. An artwork has the power to contribute to the sense of place, stirring feelings of pride and ownership in the community and leaving the visitor with the desire to return. Bringing anthropogenic expression to a common ground with Nature, for me public art represents an opportunity for communication. It must bear a message, a manifest that opens the visitors mind and spirit for reflection and conversation. As I draw inspiration from the land and our social nature, my interest in public art, land art, lies at the border between Nature and humankind and I seek to explore the form in which it manifests. I am drawn by material texture, superposed layers and the organic feeling that natural materials bring to a composition. Credited to my technical background, my work has an architectural side to it and it represents a constant research on the dynamic between people and places. Be it indoors or outdoors, Place-making, as a higher manifestation of the harmonic coexistence of people within a space, is consistently present in my body of work, weather academic research, landscape design or art.

Public spaces are where everyone can be by right. They are a common ground, a place to meet, a place that encourages and facilitates human interaction between all groups within a community, and it is crucial that its configuration is site-specific, responding to the local cultural heritage of the place and incorporate the social logic of its people.

Art on the Street, 2014-2015
Boulder Crescent Park, Colorado Springs
Collaboration with A.A. Vomosescu, Toronto

DÉJÀ VU, 2016
Chumir M. Sheldon Health Centre

4th Avenue Flyover - Riverside Place, 2017
Project proposal

Quarry Plateau, 2017
Conceptual Exploration

Mateusz Napieralski

My name is Mateusz Napieralski. I was born in Poland and at the age of 15 I moved to England. That's where my journey with Visual Communication began. After studying Graphics & Digital Arts in college, I went on to do my degree in Motion Graphics in London, UK. After graduating with distinction from Ravensbourne University, I started working commercially in design and advertising for a number of London-based studios. In 2015 I made the leap and decided to establish my own design practice Gust of Wind Studio. Since then I've worked for clients from various sectors including: education, arts & culture, advertising, charities, start-ups and small and medium businesses.

Artist Statement

My visual vocabulary is directly inspired by geometry, shapes, bright colours, patterns and forms I find in nature and my surroundings. I approach design in a very multidisciplinary manner. I find being most creative when I can blend graphic design, illustration and moving image together. I really cherish and encourage the cross-disciplinary way of thinking and working. I'm very interested in blurring the lines between different mediums and disciplines and believe that through that process I can create very unique solutions to the briefs I work on. Because of my background in graphic and digital arts, my work usually starts digitally. I'm also very interested in crossing digital with physical, and experimenting with combining these two realms together. It has always been a big part of my practice and in the past I experimented with 3D printing, printing on fabric, laser cutting and projection mapping.

Glug17, 2016
Animated illustration

I See Faces
Pattern design illustration

Tribal Cumulus, 2014
Amelia's Magazine
Limited Edition 10th anniversary book

Analogue Monogram
Animated illustration

My-An Nguyen

is a Calgary-based illustrator, graduating from Alberta College of Art & Design in 2015 with a degree in Visual Communication and Design. At the moment her studio practice is focused on exploring the inner workings and outward effects of human thought and emotion, and the stories contained therein. She mixes various traditional media and digital techniques to create her illustrations. Her work has appeared in a variety of local publications and public art installations. Beyond illustration, she has a strong interest in food culture, personal development and the social sciences.

Pencil and Photoshop

BeatRoute Magazine



Kim Parrent

I am a born and raised Calgarian and graduate of The University of Calgary with a BA in Fine Art (Art History). As an intern for The Glenbow Museum I helped to catalogue a large collection of art work bequeathed by Canadian artist Sybil Andrews. I have also worked as a scenic painter in the Alberta film industry (I.A.T.S.E Local 212). In 2016 I was also involved in a city project - painting graphics in the new National Music Centre in the east village.

I have been an artist all my life, I have always drawn and painted as long as I can remember. I have owned my own business for 15 years, from decorative painting, to staging show homes, to murals. I have always been involved with art, having worked at the established Diana Paul Galleries and now volunteering with Contemporary Calgary.

Artist Statement

I am a very visual person, little or mundane things that other people don't acknowledge I tend to recognize and heighten their importance. I love black and white photography and tend to gravitate towards the use of light and dark (chiaroscuro) in my oil paintings. I also love pop culture and music and often try to take sounds and images/film stills and turn them into paintings. I think people can identify with my paintings as they trigger a sense of something at a particular moment in their lives. There are somethings we have distinct clear memories of and others not so much. I try to capture this in my work, including a lot of detail in my often realistic paintings and then choose to eliminate or blur other items.

General Sir Arthur Currie, 2016-2017
24”x 30”
Oil and acrylic on canvas
Made into a printed banner

Osprey, 2016-2017
Oil and acrylic on canvas
Made into a printed banner

20’ x 15’
Mural painted on wooden panels
Springbank Airport

Catherine Deneuve, 2015
48” x 48”
Oil on canvas

Isabel Porto

Isabel Porto is a new Canadian originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; she has been living in Calgary since 2011. Porto received a Master in Fine Arts (MFA) from the University of Calgary in 2014. For ten years now, she has been developing art projects that involve site-specific locations and the interaction of local communities. This August and September 2017, Isabel will be collaborating with the GO collaborative + Legge Lewis Legge team for the Tuscany LRT Community Cultural Development Art Public Project. In September during the Beakerhead event, she will be part of the Spectral Illumination II, a projection mapping presented by EMMEDIA Gallery and Production Society in partnership with the Calgary Public Library. For next year 2018, Porto will be developing a community engagement with the Friends of the University Hospitals followed by an exhibition at the McMullen Gallery, Edmonton. During the past Alberta Cultural Days 2016, she was invited to perform a community project Perceptual Drawing at the Leighton Art Centre. Last June 2016, she completed the Walking Window community-based art project with the City of Calgary in partnership with the Sheldon M. Chumir Health Centre. Images of her work were published by Canadian Art magazine, Winter 2015. In Brazil, Isabel's artworks were selected to be included in the 5th Bienal Vento Sul in Curitiba, 2009. She also developed the Largo da Ordem project funded by the City of Curitiba in 2008. Her work has been exhibited in Calgary and Edmonton, and in Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Artist Statement

In today's world, there are so many visual distractions that prevent us from seeing moments of ephemeral beauty, but I believe artists can reveal overlooked, fleeting images in our everyday environment. My eyes are always alert for small events, such as the way the sunset reflects off a building, transforming concrete into gold, or the way cranes shape our surroundings by making our cities grow and change imperceptibly. Being born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and then living in different cities and countries, has also turned me into a constant newcomer, always experiencing new places through multiple sensorial experiences. My art projects have taken the form of drawing, photography, and participatory events that enable viewers and myself to take an active role in perceiving our surroundings in a new and more engaged way. My art practice has underscored the need to be 'present' and responsive to experiences in our urban environment. A true connection to what we see and an awareness of our body allows a deeper exploration and understanding of our world.

Walking Window Project, 2016
Sheldon M. Chumir
Collection of drawings by passersby from around the Chumir Centre

Walking Window Project, 2016
Sheldon M. Chumir
Collection of drawings by passersby from around the Chumir Centre

Circulando Project, 2012
Art Loop @ Art Central, Calgary

Largo da Ordem Project, 2008
Installation 64 m2
Largo da Ordem square
Paraná, Brazil.

Lane Shordee

Lane Shordee's interest in the world around him began in 1979 in the small town of Estevan, Saskatchewan, where he was born. His interest in visual communication expanded with a diploma in Multimedia Communications from SIAST in Regina, SK. His continued curiosity led him to apply to the Alberta College of Art and Design, where he studied ceramics, textiles, painting, sculpture and performance with rapt focus. Lane graduated with a major in Drawing in 2010. He currently lives and works as a professional artist in the Calgary area. His process is of an organic and sometimes comical nature that toys with semiotics, functional aesthetics, and happy coincidence - shapes and forms are left to chance or whimsy. It is this playful flexibility that grants each piece an inherent naivety and warm charm.

Artist Statement

I began my relationship with public works, during a project called The House Project in 2011 by building a kinetic water sculpture called, Kitchen Whirlpool. The House Project lead to the creation of Wreck City (2012-Present), which allowed me several opportunities to create public installations that utilized old pre-demolished buildings in Calgary. In the following years, I have been part of various other public works; many of these were collaborations with various artists, institutions, and experts in various fields. Some notable projects included Water Spiral (2013) located in the community of Wildwood, In the Belly of a Bear (2015) on Toronto's beaches with Caitlind Brown and Wayne Garret, A sound installation in collaboration with Caitlind Brown and Nikki Martens, for a performance festival M:ST called Without Eyes consisting of 8 amplified speakers reading a story to blindfolded participants. I am currently collaborating once again with Caitlind Brown and Wayne Garrett on a permanent work for cSpace King Edward, a building designed to give space to artists and arts organizations. The project, titled, Yesterday Today Tommorrow, suspends 105 motorized hourglasses containing historic sandstone, from the ceiling of the original grand entrance of the building.

Water Spiral, 2013
Items collected at the Community Cleanup
Community of Wildwood

In the Belly of a Bear, 2015
15' diameter wooden sculpture
Beach of Lake Ontario, Toronto

Marquee, 2015
16' circular wood deck & steel pipe
Cerebral Palsy Association, Alberta

Without Eyes
festival M:ST
sound installation to blindfolded participants

Jennifer Dale Stables

Jennifer Dale Stables is a local artist, educator, and author. She holds both a B.F.A. in painting and a B.Ed. in Early Childhood Education. With nearly 15 years of classroom teaching experience, Jennifer works in schools throughout Calgary as an artist in residence. Through her business, Jenny Dale Designs, Jennifer creates whimsical, heartfelt illustrations, and writes poetry to accompany each one. She has written and illustrated several of her own books, and illustrates books for local authors. Jennifer's art has travelled the globe and has been featured on Project Nursery and Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids in California. She actively exhibits her work in several art galleries, and sells her art prints both online and through boutique stores throughout Alberta. Her book, Greenie the Wheat King, is available in Chapters-Indigo stores in Calgary and Lethbridge.

Artist Statement

Joy and love are at the heart of my work, and I strive to reflect that in all I do as an artist. Inspired by children and childhood, my work is an invitation to the viewer to journey to a place in their imagination filled with wonder and whimsy. My painterly, illustrative style tells a story with each picture, and my writing gives life to those images. Likewise, my work in schools and communities as an artist in residence supports my belief that childhood is a sacred time in one's life, and each child is a creator.

Winter in Canada
Acrylic paint on canvas

Greenie the Wheat King, 2017
8" x 10"
Childrens Book

Whimsical City, 2013
Acrylic paint on canvas

Ladybug's Bicycle Ride, 2014
Acrylic paint on canvas

Hakan Temuçin

Hakan Temuçin is a Turkish-Canadian artist with nineteen years of visual art experience. His work has been exhibited, published and collected, both nationally and internationally. Hakan is specialized in digital and historical photography processes. His practice has expanded to include digital and traditional printmaking processes as well as videography since 2014. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography with distinction from Marmara University and a Master of Fine Arts in Art from the University of Calgary. He has taught photography at University of Calgary, Department of Art and various non-profit organizations. Currently he is teaching at University of Calgary, Continuing Education, Information and Communication Technologies program. Since 2017 he has been pursuing PhD research at Texas Tech University, Fine Art Doctoral Program as a Fulbright scholar.

Artist Statement

The camera, in the creative process, has been a means that empowers me to discover and question life through observation. Its outward and experiential nature has supported the growth of my interest in life. My photography practice, driven by a scientific curiosity, is an experimental inquiry that seeks to converge creativity and factuality.

My artistic experimentation and exploration investigates the structural order of the cosmos from the micro to the macro level: the repeating patterns of the natural world, and their intertwined construct. Artistic experimentation not only helps me to ask the right questions but also to be inventive in the expression of my findings. As much as my source of inspiration is based on personal experience, my works seek to open an enriching dialogue through diverse perceptual experiences. In my creative process, I seek an approach that invites a myriad of potential experiences into the work through the viewer's world of thought, sensory perception, and imagination.

My creative expression is enriched through the experimental integration of different art forms. Videography provides me the opportunity not only to discover the creative space that sound offers but also to move beyond still image and experiment with various ways of expressing my world. Moving image, as well as enabling me to present my ideas by making connections between concepts and types of expression, allows me to add a new dimension to my photography practice by looking at time and space differently. The possibilities that interdisciplinary studies offer increases my interest in integrative art practice. Through media art practice, I try to rediscover the natural world by questioning the boundaries of interaction among science, technology, and culture.

I am looking for opportunities to put my nineteen years of experience in art practice and imagination into use to create public art for the benefit of all Calgary residence through The City of Calgary Public Art Program.

Bernard, 2016
Digital drawing

Curling I-II-III, 2017
Digital drawing

Curling VI, 2017
Digital drawing

Digital drawing

Christi Tims

Christi has a BFA and bED from the University of Calgary. She worked as a high school fine arts teacher for years, and is now a full time artist; painting, and teaching classes for adults, teens and children. She exhibits and displays work in galleries and shops around the Foothills area. Her specialty art includes vehicles and off-road motorsport images, but she also has many other subjects and a whimsical series as well. Painting is her primary medium, along with some chalk pastel works, coloured pencil, and painting on glass. She works in both large and small-scale.

Artist Statement

I believe art enhances the lives of human beings from every walk of life. Any space can be beautiful, and art should be enjoyed by everyone. I love to use vibrant colours and to capture movement and energy in my artwork. I paint ideas and activities that bring meaning to my life. Recurring themes of motorsports and dancing surface in my work, as these are things that I am passionate about. My style is a blend of both representational and whimsical features, with many dreamlike and fantasy subjects. I enjoy developing elaborate compositions of decoration and ornamental elements.

Like Nobody's Watching
28" x 28"
Acrylic on canvas

My Mom's Rose
12" x 12"
Acrylic on canvas

Along Came Miss Spider
12" x 12"
Acrylic on canvas

Wallace Jamboree
28" x 22"
Acrylic on canvas

Char Vanderhorst

Char was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She graduated from the University of Manitoba's Fine Arts Program. She is a professional Painter, Sculptor, Ceramicist, Leaf stone tiling, and Mural Designer.

Char has been working as a professional artist, specializing in such media as watercolor, oil, acrylic, collage, stone tile, and graphite. She has been a member of many art clubs, wherever she resides.

Char taught art classes with the Winnipeg Parks and Recreation Department, the Airdrie Adult Education Department, the Airdrie Over 50's Club, Calgary School of Hope (Art Assistant), the Calgary Montessori School. She teaches private art lessons and has worked with Archmedia Designs of Airdrie. Char was Publicity Person for the Calgary Chapter of the CFA Canadian Federation of Artists, and Publicity Person for The Airdrie Artist Guild. In the past, she has been Program Coordinator and Organizer for annual art shows. She has created artwork for the 2005 African Children's Choir Calendar distributed worldwide and designed newsletters for the Manitoba Society of Artists.

Char has created murals for Paro's on Main, Bella Italia, Aura Health Spa, and The Hair Lounge Alberta. and many other private mural projects throughout Alberta.

Artist Statement

I enjoy painting nature - striving to capture beauty in its purest form. Painting landscapes connects me to the natural sacredness of the earth. I love to incorporate symbols of plants, water, skies, and trees that represent healing, life, wisdom, and harmony. My passion and vision is also to paint images that portray my Ukrainian heritage as well as many other cultures. Communicating ancient history and ethnic beauty, in my art work.

Secret Sunset, 2014
19" x 16"

Autumn Birch, 2014
19" x 16"

Autumn Birch, 2015
3' x 4'

Prarie Dreamscapes, 2011
19" x 16"

Nicole Wolf

Nicole started drawing before she could stand, which is fortunate since she liked drawing on her mother's walls out in backcountry Alberta.

Thirty years and two art degrees later, she's still putting fresh art on walls - but this time for clients like the Calgary Zoo, the City of Calgary and Parks Canada. Nicole also creates eye-trapping illustrations for books, posters, websites and all manner of other public art projects.

Armed with little more than a sketchbook, Nicole Wolf has backpacked through 26 countries to provide thoughtful humanitarian design solutions, which has sharpened her people skills almost as much as her organizational skills.

Nicole has settled in Calgary and is passionate about working with local businesses and individuals, and specializes in developing client relationships over excellent espresso.

Artist Statement

My work is inspired by the thirst for adventure, the pursuit of healthy living, the love of nature and the beauty of community.

With a Design degree from ACAD, I'm experienced in all the industry-standard software needed to take a design to a finish suitable for print, web and large scale installation. I have a wide range of experience in art directing design teams on multifaceted projects, handling large budgets and working with both corporations and individuals.

In a typical project, I'll meet with the client to hear their vision for the design and flesh out possible directions. Then, I develop rough concepts and present these to the client early on in the process, revising if necessary. After repeating this process until the concept has been refined into perfection, I take the final design to completion.

My passions include working with local entrepreneurs, community rejuvenation, and lots of local coffee.

Ralph Klein Park Mural


Book Cover Design

Children's Book

Carl Wright

My sculptures are represented in private & corporate collections & in Public Art Exhibits. I have extensively exhibited in the USA for the past 16+ years. Selected Public Art Exhibits include: Northshore Sculpture Park in Skokie IL, Permanent Collection of the WV State Museum, Washington DC City Government, Chapel Hill, NC, Portsmouth VA (3x), City of Baltimore, Algonquin, IL, Nashville, IN, Rockville, MD (2x) & Tamarack in Beckley WV. He permanently installed the sculpture Eihei in Mount Dora, FL in January 2012 and the sculpture Journey in Charlotte, NC in 2013.

My work has been shown & purchased in private galleries in Washington DC, Richmond, VA, Chapel Hill, NC, Scottsdale, AZ & Lancaster, PA.

Artist Statement:

Most of the sculptures I carve are about making ephemeral, hard-to-quantify subjects real and tangible. These positive subjects include: freedom, working together towards a goal, joy, being motivated, & perseverance. These are all subjects that most people recognize & embody as values in their personal & professional lives.

My stone sculpture is about transcending the moment, independence, personal growth, the opportunity to succeed, and how other ephemeral mediums like music can be decoded into stone. Whether the sculpture subject is about music, emotional bonds, the act of being busy or constant motion, I enjoy translating fleeting concepts through the universal language of abstract sculpture into tangible realities. Everyone needs to be reminded of the beauty that surrounds them: in the touch of a loved one, the slow thrill of watching a plant grow, a fiery sunset, or the beauty of a sublime stone sculpture. That is why I carve.

As an sculptor who carves exterior sculpture, my work will be seen all hours of the day & night. The work I make is a celebration of what is noble about people & should be applauded. I deeply believe that public artists have a responsibility, through their artwork, to be supportive of the people that take the time to view their artwork.

Coordinate Harmony
9" x 15" x 40"
Dove Gray Indiana Limestone

24” x 18” x 36”
Dove Gray Indiana Limestone

18” x 24” x 72”
Dove Gray Indiana Limestone

Sound of Joy, 2014
24” x 24” x 36”
Dove Gray Indiana Limestone

​ ​​​