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Public Art Master Plan

Building on the creative legacy of our dynamic city, it was important for the The City of Calgary and the citizen lead Public Art Board to incorporate extensive research with Calgarians when developing the Public Art Master Plan for Calgary, which guides the city’s approach to public art for the next decade. The plan maximizes the potential of public art in Calgary with an overarching vision that helps to shape specific plans developed by City business units, individual developers and other partners.

The plan will also help Calgarians to understand and take pride in the future of public art in Calgary. In order to advise this vision and content of the plan, independent research firm Ipsos conducted extensive consultation and research with citizens, the business community and arts organizations.

Research conducted includes:

  • A citizen telephone survey
  • Focus group sessions with citizens
  • One-on-one interviews with members of the arts community
  • One-on-one interviews with members of the business community

Key findings from this research includes:
  • Overall, Calgarians and stakeholders believe that our city has a strong artistic and cultural fabric and say that it is important that as a community, we continue to support these groups in the future.
  • A strong majority of Calgarians believe that we should be investing the same or more into supporting the arts of the next decade.
  • There is a strong recognition among Calgarians that public art is an important part of our city, citing that without it, Calgary would be boring, lifeless/dead, incomplete, lacking culture, not creative and bland.
  • 87 per cent of Calgarians said it is important to have public art in Calgary.
  • Eight in 10 said that public art is an important part of our city’s transit stations, along our rivers, in parks, roads and public facilities.

These key findings and other valuable input gathered was used to direct the vision and content of the resulting plan. For more information on the engagement and research conducted, please visit our FAQ page. To read a digital copy of the Public Art Master Plan, download the PDF version.