Gymnasium Information

Gymnasium COVID-19 update

To reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission, public rentals of school gymnasiums are currently unavailable.

Gymnasium Information:

Application Forms:

Application Approval for Use of School Facilities

  • You are required to contact the school directly to make an appointment with the principal if you are planning any of the following:
    • Bringing in outside food or beverages
    • Using non-public equipment (i.e., badminton nets, soccer nets)
    • Requesting times outside regular booking hours (i.e., school use nights, non-public hours, early start) examples?
    • Requesting other school spaces (i.e., classrooms, gathering spaces)
    • Specific gym setup/accommodations
  • Please follow the process below for all special requests:
    • Complete the Application/Approval for Use of School Facilities Form. Fill out only the sections on the form where you are requesting an approval.
    • Call the school directly to setup an appointment to have the form approved and signed by the Principal.
    • Once the Application/Approval for Use of School Facilities form has been signed, fill out the online application form at booking a gymnasium. Attach a copy of the approved Application/Approval for use of School Facilities Form to the completed online application and submit to our office for processing.
    • If you are adding an approval to an existing permit, please email a copy of the approved Application/Approval for use of School Facilities Form to


Gymnasium Booking Information

  • School gymnasiums are available for not-for-profit public groups and registered *non-profit organizations to use outside of school hours.
  • For new request submissions, please allow for 30 days prior to the first booking, due to processing time.
  • Submissions for Public Day must be submitted beginning at 8:30 a.m. If you submit an application prior to 8:30 a.m. on Public Day, your request will be moved in order of being received beginning at 9 a.m. This will result in a delay, while those who submitted between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. are being processed.

Gymnasium Renewal Rights

  • To qualify for gymnasium renewal rights, you must have a booking of: a minimum of 6 dates at one gymnasium, for the same time period on the same day of the week. (Example: at least 6 bookings at one school, Wednesday evenings from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.)
  • If you delete dates from your renewal permit resulting in less than 6 bookings, you may lose your renewal rights.
  • Renewal bookings are based on your organization’s previous booking of an individual school on a session-to-session basis (Fall renews to Fall, Winter/Spring renews to Winter/Spring, etc).
  • If your booking is considered a renewal, you will automatically receive a renewal permit the following session. You will not have to apply for the space, and you will be given a deadline to cancel the renewal permit without charge. There are no renewals for the Summer session.

Gymnasium Payment Information

  • Payment for 5 or less dates booked is due immediately.
  • Payment for more than 5 dates booked is due in full 30 days before the first booking date.
  • If payment is not received by the due date, we will cancel the permit and you will lose your renewal rights. The cancelled bookings will then be made available to the public. Please ensure your payments are received in our office by the due date to avoid cancellation. This process applies to all groups booking school gyms.
  • Payment options - You can pay for your booking by phone, in person or by mail. Click here for payment instructions

Online Payments:

Gymnasium Cancellation Policies

  • Please review our standard cancellation & amendment policies that apply to all bookings.
  • You can cancel or change your booking by ​contacting Facility Bookings
  • Additional Cancellation & Amendment Notes:
  • Cancellations or amendments must be received by Facility Bookings a minimum of 30 days before the booking date. Failure to observe this deadline will result in the renter being charged the full cost of the rental.