Development Applications Review Team (DART): A new Development Approvals model

May 2022: New Geographic Teams for DART

Effective May 30, the Development Applications Review Team will have two geographic teams for managing multi-disciplinary applications. The new teams, North and South, replaces the previously established geographic teams.

Customers with active applications with The City will not see staff changes on their files. Our staff will continue working on their assigned files through to completion.  Any questions, please email us at

The DART Directory is undergoing changes to reflect the new geographic teams and will be available soon.

The map shows the new geographic boundaries.

We’re changing the way we do business.

At the City of Calgary, our Development Approvals team has been on a journey of very intentional changes in both our focus and how we manage our business. We have advanced our understanding of what drives our business, streamlined efficiencies, and continued to focus on making life better for Calgarians. 

The Development Applications Review Team (DART) is a new approvals process for comprehensive planning applications that replaces the Corporate Planning Applications Group (CPAG) process. 

DART is two-generalist model that is outcome-focused and designed to create closer alignment with how our customers operate. Our generalists will work with customers from a multi-disciplinary perspective, integrating the knowledge and skillsets from Planning, Development Engineering, Parks and Transportation to create great planning outcomes supported by innovative engineering solutions.

Approvals Coordination will continue to support comprehensive planning applications under the DART process. However, this new model will widen the breadth and consolidate the functions of DART staff, addressing the concerns heard from customers that they feel they are working with many “Cities of Calgary” rather than just One Calgary. 

These improvements strengthen Calgary’s reputation as a great place to invest by driving excellence in service delivery across the land development continuum. 

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