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How to vote

Vote for your Mayor, Councillor & School Trustee

First, you will need to know which ward you live in and where to vote.

When/Where do I vote?

At the voting station:

Election workers will be there to help you move through the voting steps


1.  Show your identification


Who you are and where you live

Check the Identification Requirements for a list of authorized identification.

2.  Confirm you are eligible by reading and signing

3. Receive your ballots

  • You will get up to 3 ballots
  • The outside of your ballots will be initialled by an election worker

Ballots are colour coded

4.  Go behind the voting compartment to mark your ballots

  • On each ballot, mark an 'X' to the right of your candidate of choice
  • Refold your ballots so your marks are not showing

5.  Cast your ballots

  • An election worker will check the initials on the outside of your ballots
  • Place your ballots in the ballot boxes
  • Leave the voting station immediately after voting