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Elections Calgary

Legislation, policies and reports

Government of Alberta

City of Calgary

Bylaw 35M2018 Elections bylaw

Bylaw 29M97 Temporary Signs on Highways

Bylaw 11M2019 Use of Parks and Pathways

Bylaw 19M91 Electoral Ward Boundaries

Ward Boundary Review and Determination Policy

Election audit reports

2017 Municipal Election Review AC2018-0852:

A review was to conduct a root cause analysis of the unexpected events that negatively impacted the voter 2017 Election Day experience.
Cover Report - Audit Report

2017 Municipal Election Follow-up Audit, AC2020-0196​:

The audit was undertaken to determine if the recommendations from the 2017 Municipal Election Review had been completed and effectively designed.
Cover Report - Audit Report​​

Plebiscite Readiness Review AC2018-1247:

The City Auditor’s Office conducted a Plebiscite Readiness Review to validate plebiscite readiness and support greater transparency on actions taken by Election and Census Services to provide an improved voter experience.
Cover Report

Ward boundary review reports

Ward Boundary Review and Determination C2019-1195
Combined Meeting of Council - October 21, 2019

Ward Boundary Review Engagement Plan & Timelines C2019-1584
Combined Meeting of Council - December 16, 2019

Ward Boundary Review C2020-0639
Combined Meeting of Council - June 15, 2020