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The Municipal Emergency Plan remains activated to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Wear a mask and get vaccinated.

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Elections Calgary


Elections Calgary follows all health and safety protocols as outlined by The City of Calgary and Alberta Health Services. Voters and candidates are encouraged to consult this page for current COVID-19 related updates related to any election or vote on a question.

For election workers

Masks are required of all election workers. Vaccinations are strongly recommended. Information will be made available to all election workers in advance of training and voting days regarding health guidelines.

For voters

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on services continues to change as Provincial health restrictions are applied or lifted. We are actively planning for a safe voting experience no matter what the future holds, and are learning from other jurisdictions to make this a safe election for everyone. Proof of vaccination is not required to vote.

What we plan to do

  • Staff will sanitize voting equipment and frequently touched surfaces between voters.
  • Capacity limits may be established in the voting area to support distancing.
  • Furniture and signage will be in place to allow for distancing.
  • Additional advance voting hours are planned as well as additional voting stations on Election Day (the number of locations will be confirmed and will be based on current health guidelines).
  • In keeping with current provincial legislation, special ballots (mail-in ballots) can be used for voters who will be absent during voting hours, who have a disability which limits their ability to attend in person or who are working at a voting station on Election Day.

What you can do

  • Voters must wear a facemask as required by the Pandemic Face Covering Bylaw (63M2021).
  • Follow the signage to ensure proper flow of traffic and to maintain physical distancing if required.
  • Use hand sanitizer before and after voting.
  • Please avoid coming to a voting station with other family members (e.g. minor children) who are not voting themselves. If you need assistance from someone other than an election worker (e.g. someone to translate or because of a disability), they will be allowed to attend with you.
  • Vote during the advance voting period to help minimize the number of people at voting stations on Election Day. 
  • Bring your own pen.
  • Print and fill out your voter statement (elector register form) in advance to save time at the voting station.  Copies will also be provided at voting stations.
  • If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, please don’t visit any of the voting stations.

Voters are encouraged to consult this page before heading to a voting station for any COVID-19 related updates. We will continue to follow all health and safety protocols as outlined by The City of Calgary and Alberta Health Services.

For candidates

When filing nomination papers

We are focused on creating a safe experience for candidates when filing their nomination papers. Candidates have the option to file papers by mail or courier, by dropping forms off at The City of Calgary Municipal Building secure 24-hour drop box, or in person by appointment only.

Anyone attending an in-person appointment is asked to follow health protocols and wear a mask. Elections Calgary staff have disposable masks available for attendees.

When campaigning

Campaigning may look different this year with limited in-person interactions due to COVID-19. Consider using virtual tools to engage with citizens on campaign issues.

Current information related to COVID-19 can be found on the Government of Alberta's COVID-19 response website.

  • Bring hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content to use before and after each interaction.
  • If required, wear a mask if you come within 2 metres of another person.
  • Bring disinfectant wipes to disinfect touched surfaces, such as payment devices, doorknobs and doorbells.
  • After ringing the bell or knocking, if required, step back at least two metres before speaking with residents.
  • Use contactless payment, where possible, such as directing residents to web payment options for donations.
  • Avoid using or sharing high-touch objects such as shared pens, clipboards and tablets.

Candidates are encouraged to stay up to date with public health orders from the provincial Chief Medical Officer. Visit