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Elections Calgary

2010 Disclosure of campaign finances

Under Part 5.1, Municipal Election Finance and Contribution Disclosure, of the Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA), City Council candidates were required to file their disclosure statements, on or before March 1.

Candidates for Mayor

Burrows, Craig 
Connelly, Joe 
Devine, Bonnie-Jean 
Hawkesworth, Robert Andrew  Revised
Higgins, Barbara Joan
Hunter, Sandra Joan 
Lord, Jonathan Joseph     Revised 
McIver, Richard William 
Nenshi, Naheed 
Stewart, Melvin Wayne

Aldermanic Candidates Ward 1

Harper, Christopher Glenn
Hodges, Dale 
Lockhart, Richard Thomas
Scott, Charles William 
Vandenbrink, Judi

Aldermanic Candidates Ward 2

Avramenko, Terry 
Del Re, Daniel M
Lowe, Frederick Gordon

Aldermanic Candidates Ward 3

Iqbal, Pervaiz 
Larocque, Helene
Stevenson, Jim 
Tremblay, Gary Duane

Aldermanic Candidates Ward 4

Bedard, Leslie 
Chu, Sean 
Kruschel, Edward Curtis 
Low, Tommy 
MacLeod, Gael
Morgan, Jane 
Northcott, Bradley James 
Poon, Carol 
Wong, Jon

Aldermanic Candidates Ward 5

Ashar, Beena 
Bal, Jay
Jones, Ray

Aldermanic Candidates Ward 6

Dimic, Rad 
Mielke, Brent 
Pootmans, John Richard 
Rogers, Kenneth Williams 
Royer, Randy Brian
Sims, Henry Ronald  
Turner, Coral Ann 
Wills, Robert Glenn 
Yannitsos, John L

Aldermanic Candidates Ward 7

Cook, Elizabeth Ann 
Farrell, Druh 
Krisko, Michael
Pilling, Jim 
Taylor, Kevin D

Aldermanic Candidates Ward 8

Grochowski, Antoni 
Mar, John Y   Amended
Pashak, Zakary

Aldermanic Candidates Ward 9

Carra, Gian-Carlo
Chapman, Stephen
Nixon, Jeremy Pat
Pal, Mike
Vase, Adam W 
Waciak, Stan

Aldermanic Candidates Ward 10

Chabot, Andre 
Dossa, Nargis
Kennish, Robert

Aldermanic Candidates Ward 11

Knight, Olga 
Maxim, James
McCutcheon, Ernest 
Pincott, Brian

Aldermanic Candidates Ward 12

Browne, Al 
Crowe, Kerry Roger
Keating, Shane A
Rotzoll, Rory Wayne
Sim, Benjamin G

Aldermanic Candidates Ward 13

Colley-Urquhart, Diane Marie 
Hodge, Trevor Douglas
Jenkins, Alexander 
Rodych, Andrew Bernard

Aldermanic Candidates Ward 14

Demong, Peter 
Dur, Richard
Fox-Mellway, Linda 
Kao, Shawn

Self-funded candidates

The following candidates appropriately advised the Returning Officer, that under Section 147.11 of the Local Authorities Election Act, they ran an entirely self-funded campaign less than or equal to $10,000:

  • Boehm, Dwight
  • Clemens, Petra
  • Erskine, Barry
  • Fech, Oscar
  • Frisch, Wayne
  • Gerelus, Ken Stephen
  • Guizzo, Robert
  • Haussecker, Jeff
  • Hollinger, Henry
  • Johnston, Gary
  • Knight, Daniel
  • Lapp, David Paul
  • Magliocca, "Joe" Biagio
  • Malyszko, Tom
  • Perrault, Norman