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Nomination checklist and forms

Nomination forms

Nomination checklist

Nomination checklist for candidates (print version)

Complete required forms.

  • Ensure you have completed Form 4, Form 5 and the Candidate/Official Agent Consent to be Contacted Form.
  • Form 4 must be signed by:
    • A Commissioner of Oaths or Notary Public for Alberta, or
    • The Returning Officer or delegate (available in person, by appointment only)
  • Form 5 should include campaign banking information. Do not use personal banking information.

Review campaign finance obligations

  • Review new requirements for 2021.
  • Obtain your own legal advice.
  • For a brief summary, go to Campaign finances

Obtain the required number of signatures.

  • Persons signing a candidate’s nomination paper must be eligible elector (i.e. 18 years of age, Canadian citizen, resident of Alberta for the six consecutive months immediately preceding the day of signing and resident of the ward on the day of signing the papers).
  • For councillor and school board candidates, signatures must be from residents in the ward you wish to represent.
  • Original hand-written signatures are required. Digital signatures are not accepted.
  • For mayor and councillor candidates, a minimum of 100 signatures is required.
  • For school board trustee candidates, a minimum of 25 signatures is required.
  • It is advisable to have more than the minimum required number of electors sign the form in case one or more signatures are not eligible to nominate.

Provide a deposit.

  • $500 for mayoral candidates.
  • $100 for councillors and school board trustees.
  • Deposit must be in the form of cash, certified cheque or money order. Personal cheques are not accepted. Do not send cash deposits in the mail.

File your nomination forms with Elections Calgary.

All candidates must provide Form 4, Form 5 and the Candidate/Official Agent Consent to be Contacted Form completed in full, with the appropriate deposit to Elections Calgary before noon on September 20, 2021.

Choose ONE of the following methods to file your nomination forms:

1. By appointment. Call 403-476-4100 or book an appointment online. Appointments are recommended for those who would like to review their nomination forms with a staff member. Drop offs at the Elections Calgary office (1103 – 55 Ave. N.E.) will be received by reception. However, an appointment is required if you would like to meet with a staff member to have a discussion or ask questions. 

2. By mail or courier. Send completed forms and deposit to Elections Calgary. Do not send cash deposits via mail or courier. Certified cheques and money order will be accepted. Certified cheques and money orders are payable to “The City of Calgary.” View mail and courier addresses.

3. By secure 24 hour drop box. Completed forms and deposits can be dropped off at The City of Calgary Municipal Building secure drop box. Do not drop off cash deposits. Certified cheques and money order will be accepted. Certified cheques and money orders are payable to “The City of Calgary.” Drop box location: Street level near Municipal Building (East Entrance facing the Central Library) 801 - 3rd Street S.E.

Candidate resources

New for 2021. All candidates resources will be available electronically only. There is no physical candidate package for pick up. For a list of available resources, visit Candidate resources, maps and legislation.

Prepare your candidate profile information for submission.

Candidates will be contacted in the summer of 2021 to submit their candidate profile (i.e. text, photo and a video) for publishing on ElectionsCalgary.ca. Only videos and photos produced by Elections Calgary will be added to the candidate profile list.

A form will be provided to all candidates to collect their candidate profile. However, you can prepare the following information in advance:

  • Biography / About me. 200 word maximum.
  • Platform description / Why vote for me. 400 word maximum.
  • Website address.
  • Social media accounts links.
  • Contact information (e.g. campaign email and telephone number).
  • Prepare a 2-minute video script. All candidates will have the opportunity to record an unedited 2-minute video at the Elections Calgary office. 

Sign up to receive updates from Elections Calgary.

  • Sign up for the Returning Officer enewsletter specifically for candidates.
  • Opt-in to receive alert messages (text, phone or email) from the Returning Officer.

Note: The information on this website is provided for the convenience of reference only. Candidates are subject to further requirements in the Local Authorities Election Act. Candidates are advised to refer to the LAEA and obtain legal advice regarding the full extent of their obligations.