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Candidate nomination

For the 2021 General Election, a person may file a nomination to become a candidate between January 1, 2021 and 12 noon on September 7, 2021.

The nomination of a candidate must be in the prescribed form, be signed by at least 100 persons who are electors eligible to vote in that election and reside in the local jurisdiction on the date of signing the nomination.

Individuals who intend to submit nomination papers should review the Local Authorities Election Act to understand the rules prior to submitting nomination papers.

Note: Municipal and School Board Elections are governed by the Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA), R.S.A. 2000, C L-21. The information on this page is provided for convenience of reference only. Additionally, candidates are subject to further requirements in the LAEA. Candidates are advised to refer to the LAEA and obtain legal advice regarding the full extent of their obligations.