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engage! - Roundabout 68 Street NE


The purpose of this site is to provide information about a roundabout proposed for the intersection of 68 Street N.E. and Monterey Square N.E. and to report on the decision on whether he project will proceed. Please note – the proposed roundabout IS NOT at 16 Avenue and 68 Street N.E.

Decision made about the roundabout proposal

The City of Calgary has made the decision not to proceed with the proposal to build a roundabout at 68 Street and Monterey Park N.E. The feedback received during public consultation was overwhelmingly opposed to the project. The City considered the lack of public support during their decision making process on whether to proceed with the project.

The Transportation Department will explore some other options to improve safety in this area. They will continue to identify the interchange project at Trans Canada Highway and 68 Street N.E. in the Transportation Infrastructure Investment Plan (TIIP) process as a candidate project. (The most recent 2015-2024 TIIP update did not include this project in the 10-year funded or un-funded program.)

Please see the report on the results of the public input.


When Stoney Trail opened in 2009, drivers taking the west exit from Stoney Trail at 16 Avenue N.E. could no longer turn left/south at 68 Street N.E.

In order to travel south, drivers are doing the following:

  • Making an illegal (and dangerous) left hand turn at 68 Street S.E. when coming off of Stoney Trail at 16 Avenue (the distance is too short to make a safe turn).
  • Making a right hand turn at 68 Street S.E. and turning into and out of the shopping mall at Monterey Square
  • Driving to 52 Street N.E. and doubling back

Other concerns:

  • The intersection is a high collision zone.  Drivers already travelling west on 16 Avenue N.E. can make a left turn at 68 Street N.E.

The roundabout proposal:

  • The City of Calgary is proposing to install a roundabout at the intersection of 68 Street N.E. and Monterey Square in order to provide safe access into the communities south of 16 Avenue N.E. 
  • The roundabout would create a legal U-turn to replace U-turn activity that is already taking place through the shopping centre.
  • Please click here to view the Roundabout proposal design. 


  • Increase safety by reducing the number of people making an illegal and dangerous left turn at 68 Street N.E. after exiting Stoney Trail onto 16 Avenue heading west.
  • Reduce travel and wait times.


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