October 24, sessions 1-3

Session 1

Opening and Keynote: Bringing an Indigenous worldview to climate action

Monday, October 24, 2022 9:30am - 11:00am MST

You are invited to the 2022 Calgary Climate Symposium opening

Connect with City staff, community leaders, entrepreneurs, and prominent climate experts for a series of unique (and free) virtual learning opportunities.

The Calgary Climate Symposium continues the climate conversation, shares how climate change affects Calgarians, what we can do together, and why we need to have the conversation.

This opening informs attendees on recent updates to the Calgary Climate Strategy and the concept of Indigenomics.

Carol Anne Hilton, CEO (Chief Executive Officer), founder of the Indigenomics Institute and the Global Centre of Indigenomics, provides the keynote address that focuses on the intersectionality of an Indigenous worldview with today’s modern economy and a rapidly changing climate.

Carol Anne Hilton, The Indigenomics Institute.

Carol Anne Hilton, MBA is the CEO and founder of the Indigenomics Institute and the Global Center of Indigenomics. Carol Anne is a dynamic national Indigenous business leader, author, speaker and senior adviser with an international Master’s Degree in Business Management (MBA) from the University of Hertfordshire, England. Carol Anne is of Nuu chah nulth descent from the Hesquiaht Nation on Vancouver Island. Carol Anne is an international award-winning, best-selling author of: Indigenomics- Taking A Seat at the Economic Table. And is also an adjunct professor at Royal Roads University’s School of Business.

Carol Anne was the only Indigenous person appointed to the Canadian Economic Growth Council as a senior advisor to the federal Finance Minister in 2016. Carol Anne most recently served on the BC Emerging Economy Taskforce, and the BC Indigenous Business and Investment Council. Carol Anne currently serves as a Director on the McGill University Institute for the Study of Canada, MITACS Research and the BC Digital Supercluster.

Carol Anne’s work has been most recently recognized with the inaugural Nation Builder Award from the National Angel Capital Organization in 2022, the BC Achievement Foundation’s Award of Distinction in Indigenous Business as well as the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business’s national Award of Excellence in Aboriginal Relations.

Session 2

The cost of inaction vs. the cost of action

Monday, October 24, 2022 12:00pm - 1:00pm MST

This session will explore global and localized climatic changes and the economic consequences of climate inaction. Spatially resolved estimates of economic impacts will be translated into a regulatory figure called the Social Cost of Carbon: the most important number you've never heard of.

Professor Andy Hultgren, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the Climate Impact Lab.

Andy Hultgren is an environmental and IO economist studying the economics of environmental regulation. He is an assistant professor at the department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics at the University of Illinios Urbana-Champaign, a faculty affiliate at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, and a member of the Climate Impact Lab.  His research interests include firm behavior under regulatory uncertainty and quantifying the economic impacts of climate change.  Andy's doctoral studies were at UC Berkeley ARE, where he was a fellow in the Global Policy Lab and an NSF Data Sciences for the 21st Century fellow, and he was a postdoc at EPIC and the department of Economics at the University of Chicago. He also holds a Master's in public policy from UC Berkeley, and a BSE in chemical engineering from Princeton University.

Session 3

Climate Change 101: What is it and what does it mean for Calgary?

Monday, October 24, 2022 2:00pm - 3:00pm MST

Climate change has become a defining issue of our time, and the majority of Calgarians are concerned about it. In this session, City staff will help demystify this complex topic, providing information about what climate change is, how climate change is impacting Calgary, how The City of Calgary is taking action and how Calgarians can be part of the solution.

Carlee Beaver, The City of Calgary – Climate & Environment.

Carlee is a Corporate Environmental Specialist at The City of Calgary supporting the development and implementation of climate change mitigation programs and policies. Before joining The City, Carlee supported the development and delivery of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs at the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre and Energy Efficiency Alberta. She is passionate about supporting the transition to a low carbon future in Calgary. 

Kaitlin Chantler, The City of Calgary – Climate & Environment.

With a degree in Water Resource Science, Kaitlin has worked as a Professional Biologist on wildlife conservation and habitat reclamation projects across western North America. As someone paying attention to the natural world, it didn’t take long for her to see climate change as the single biggest challenge of our time. After finding her way to The City of Calgary’s Climate Adaptation Team she now works towards building resilience to hazards made worse by climate change within the Calgary community.