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Coloured text block on image overview

The coloured text block on image is implementation of the pattern library component by the same name. 

See a working demo on the pattern library​ page to try out the new options before implementing.


The coloured text block on image has a number of configuration options available:

  • Title
  • Title Line 2
  • Title Level 
    • H1
    • H2
    • H3
    • P (default)
  • Show Title
  • Image
  • Mobile Image
  • Text Position
    • ​​Top left
    • Top right
    • Bottom left (default)
    • Bottom right
  • Text Colour 
    • White text on red background (default)
    • Red text on white background
  • Image Height
    • Small (default)
    • Medium
    • Large
    • Flexible
  • Show Online
  • List Category
​​ ​​​​