Cycle track detour for utility work on Olympic Way S.E.

In March 2022 the cycle track on Olympic Way S.E. was closed between 11 and 12 Avenues.

This was due to a utility relocation project that is making way for the Green Line. This area will be under construction into 2024, as utility infrastructure is moved from its current location under 11 Avenue into adjacent streets, avenues and alleyways. Impacts to the cycle track are expected to last until construction is complete in 2024, but a detour is available to allow for safe cycling conditions in the area


Cycle track detour

  • Olympic Way S.E. is part of the cycle track network, allowing users to travel north-south between the cycle tracks on 9 Avenue and 12 Avenue.
  • With a section of Olympic Way closed, a detour was provided on 3 Street S.E. to access the switchback connection on 10 Avenue, providing a transition between Olympic Way, 3 Street S.E., and the 12 Avenue cycle track.
  • 3 Street S.E. is not wide enough to allow for protected cycling infrastructure while also facilitating two-way vehicle traffic, which is required for business and residential purposes.
  • The City of Calgary installed dedicated bicycle signals at the intersection of 12 Avenue and 3 Street S.E., allowing cyclists to advance ahead of vehicle traffic.
  •  Improvements were made to the switchback to widen turn radius and provide additional protection to prevent falls.

Many detour options were considered and rejected based on safety, geometry, or future construction planning, including utilizing the alley between 10 and 11 Avenue. While that option provided an easy transition from Olympic Way S.E., it was deemed unsafe because of limited sightlines for drivers and cyclists.

Cycle track detour photos and descriptions

From Olympic Way S.E. to 12 Avenue

From 12 Avenue to Olympic Way S.E.

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