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Green Line documents

From 2015 to the present day, the Green Line LRT project has delivered hundreds of reports to the Green Line Committee and Council, and more recently to the Green Line Board. While many reports are to provide progress updates, some detail major milestones and recommendations that, once approved, form the basis for decisions. Here are some reports and documents that may be of interest.

Business Cases

Reviewing the Business Case for COVID-19 & Economic Recovery (2021)

Calgary Green Line LRT Stage 1 Business Case (2020)

Green Line LRT Business Case (2016)

Investing in Calgary's Green Line LRT (2015)

Infographics & Brochures

Green Line LRT Backgrounder (2021)

Green Line benefits infographic (2020)

Green Line is an investment in Calgary’s Future – Project Update (Oct. 2020)

Reports, Frameworks & Milestones

Segment 2 Functional Plan (2021)

Updated Segment 2 (16 Avenue N to Elbow River) Alignment, Station Location and Concept Plan (2020)

North Central BRT Improvement Concepts (2020)

Green Line Public Gardens Scoping Report (2019)

Notice of Motion – Green Line Station Public Gardens (2018)

Green Line Urban Integration - Volume 2 (2018)

Green Line Urban Integration - Volume 1 (2017)

Council Report: Green Line LRT Alignment and Stations: 160 Avenue N to Seton (2017)

Green Line LRT Long Term Vision: 160 Avenue N to Seton (2017)

Green Line LRT City Shaping Framework (2017)

Green Line Southeast – Where we are & where we’re going (2015)

Notice of Motion – City of Calgary funding for the Green Line LRT (2015)


Full Vision - Seton to 160 Avenue N.

Phase 1 - Shepard to Eau Claire

Stage 1 - Shepard to 16 Avenue N

Stage 1 with grades

Stage 1 with phases

Stage 1 LRT and North BRT Corridor

Phase 1 LRT and North BRT Corridor

Phases 1 & 2 LRT plus North BRT Corridor

Future Rapid Transit Network

Current Rapid Transit Network

Public Engagement "What we heard" Reports