Imagine a city where...

  • low-income families can ensure their school age child will play hockey next season because they have connected with the right agencies that provide recreation subsidies.
  • an innovative start-up has everything they need in one location to seamlessly design, build and launch services that have worldwide impact and reach.
  • researchers discover ground-breaking technologies by leveraging connected infrastructure and successful experimentation with state of the art resources and support.

This is Calgary. The future is here and we are ready.

We engaged, listened and now we will take action to create better lives for the people who make up our community. The following proposed high-level outcomes have been developed to impact all Calgarians. That’s a lot of people, so we’re going to take a phased approach, starting with our vulnerable residents first.


Calgarians are connected

Bridge the digital divide by increasing affordable digital connection to provide citizens with ready access to the tools they need to and have the knowledge and understanding of how to use those tools to connect.

What this could look like: Low-income residents have an equal opportunity to access affordable and fast connection through technology-in-hand. They are free to engage with their communities in new and different ways. They can access new employment opportunities, training programs, educational programs and connect with family and their community.

Calgarians have access

Deliver a personalized, easy-to-use interface for our community to gain access to services, resources and information and get the support they need, starting with vulnerable populations.

What this could look like: A person experiencing homelessness having a digital identity that allows them to easily access services, like health care. Imagine a single parent and their children in an emergency shelter gaining access to financial services in a timely fashion. Ensuring all Calgarians can access the resources they need is fundamental to empowerment.

Economic diversification and jobs for Calgarians

Use data to match Calgarian’s current skill sets with emerging technologies and new industries where they can utilize these skills or identify educational/training programs to re-train and adapt to emerging industries.

What this could look like: Entrepreneurs are connected with investment that helps bring big ideas to fruition and supports investment in our local economy.

Our outcomes reflect where we are now, where we want to go and what we value. Read more about our outcomes, the projects we’ve proposed to help us get there, and how we will measure success in our complete Smart Cities Challenge submission.