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Planning & Development

The City's ​​Planning & Development department is about building Calgary for everyone. We’re gathering feedback, examining great ideas and removing roadblocks to support Calgarians and development in our city.

What's new


What's coming

  • ​​​​More functional improvements to our online development map - fall 2019.
  • By year-end of 2019, a decision from Council on allowing secondary suites in semi-detached dwellings (duplexes).

  • The Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources and the accompanying map have been undergoing improvements, which will be available by the end of 2021. 

Past Improvements

Simplified permit fees for home renovations

In January 2019, we made it easier for customers to complete their Residential Improvement Projects (RIP) with a simplified fee structure.

We previously calculated RIP fees based on the renovation cost. Because costs vary, our customers and staff negotiated permit costs, making this a complicated calculation for a routine permit. We now offer standard fees:

​Project ​Cost
Project: ​Carport, hot tub, swimming pool, interior renovation, fireplace, retaining wall, deck, existing seco​ndary suite or porch Cost: ​$198
Project: ​Basement, garage, addition under 400 square feet Cost: ​$321
Project: ​New secondary suite Cost: ​$388
Project: ​New backyard suite or addition over 400 square feet Cost: ​$1,252

Simplified certificate of compliance when selling a home

In 2019, we launched an all-in-one service for customers who request a certificate of compliance when selling their home. Previously, customers would bring in their Real Property Report (RPR), which we review to ensure all buildings are within property setbacks. If there are issues, we asked the customer to apply for a relaxation and pay another fee - a second process and a second fee.

Now, this is consolidated into one process. Customers pay one fee and make one application. We review the RPR and if needed, we automatically transition the file to a relaxation request at no extra cost.

Obtain a business licence online

As of July 2018, customers can apply for a business licence, update their business details and apply for permits using a single online application. We were the first Canadian municipality to enable small business customers to start and manage a new business online.

Providing timeline certainty and transparency with online metrics

As a developer, we know you need some certainty in terms of timelines to help run your business. To that end, The City has launched regular updated online metrics on nine application review processes, providing you with both target and actual timelines.