Reports and Submissions

​The City of Calgary Submission to the Government of Alberta Municipal Government Act Review - June 2014

This submission to the Government of Alberta’s review of the Municipal Government Act (MGA) includes recommendations that will enable Calgary and other Alberta municipalities to improve their operational efficiency and service to citizens, while meeting their mandate of providing good government, necessary and desirable services and facilities, and developing and maintaining safe and viable communities.  The City’s submission recommends amendments in 12 key issue areas under the three themes of the MGA Review: Governance and Administration; Planning and Development; and Assessment and Taxation. The City of Calgary is appreciative of the opportunity to propose amendments that will help municipalities to continue to build strong, prosperous and sustainable communities throughout Alberta.

Gas Tax Fund Investments for The City of Calgary - 2012 Summary Report– July 2013

Since 2005, the Government of Canada has been sharing a portion of its gas tax revenues with cities and communities across the country. This annual Gas Tax Fund (GTF) report provides a summary of The City of Calgary's federal gas tax investments in major capital infrastructure projects that improve mobility and benefit the environment. The City of Calgary appreciates the important investment that the Government of Canada provides through the GTF.

The City of Calgary’s Submission for the Government of Alberta’s 2012-13 Provincial Budget[CoC2]– December 2011
This submission recommends that the Government of Alberta engage in discussions with The City of Calgary to give consideration to the legislative and financing tools needed to effectively deal with the scale and scope of issues faced by Calgary.  As these discussions unfold, this submission also recommends that our two governments continue to work together on addressing key municipal priorities for 2012-13.

The City’s Response to the Regional Advisory Council’s Advice on the South Sask​atchewan Regional Plan [CoC1] – December 2011

The South Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council (RAC) was appointed by Cabinet in 2009 to provide input into the development of the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (SSRP).  In March 2011, the RAC released a document providing advice to the Government of Alberta on the future development of the SSRP.  In April 2011, the provincial government announced a public consultation process to collect feedback on the RAC’s work.  This document, approved by Council on December 5, 2011, outlines The City’s response to the RAC’s work.