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Event Centre

Priority Capital Projects Event Centre

The Event Centre will be a year-round, gathering place for Calgarians. It will be home to the Calgary Flames, Hitmen and Roughnecks and all who cheer them on. The venue will attract major sport events as well as some of the world’s leading performing artists, creating a hub for connecting community, entertainment and sport.

The new Event Centre, a priority capital project, will showcase The City‘s commitment to invest in our community and Calgary’s future. It's a vital project for bolstering our local economic development and inspiring a vibrant downtown.

Calgary Planning Commission approves the development permit for new Event Centre.

In November 2021, The Calgary Planning Commission approved the development permit for the new Event Centre. The proposed development aligns with the applicable goals and policies of the Municipal Development Plan and the Rivers District Master Plan.


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The Project

The Event Centre will solidify Calgary’s place as a major destination for visitors from around the world. The Event Centre will be a year-round destination for all Calgarians as a cornerstone of Calgary’s Culture + Entertainment district.

While the Saddledome has been loved by many since the 1988 Olympics, aging infrastructure, old technology, and accessibility issues have made it more difficult to attract large events. The Event Centre will be able to accommodate tours by world-leading performing artists, events and festivals.

The Event Centre will promote and attract private investment, jobs and economic growth. The Event Centre will be located at 12 Avenue and 4 Street S.E. as the gateway into Stampede Park and the new front door of the Culture + Entertainment District.

An affiliate of Calgary Sport and Entertainment Corporation, will transition to the role of development manager for the Event Centre project. The City maintains a level of oversight to ensure adherence to project principles and framework throughout the project, and that public interests are maintained.

Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC) remains the stewards for the delivery of the Rivers District Master Plan for Calgary’s Culture + Entertainment District and projects already underway including the BMO Centre Expansion, 17th Ave Extension and Stampede Station rebuild and Stampede Trail festival street.

Benefits to Calgarians

Job Creation

Ernst & Young prepared an Economic Impact Assessment on the full build out of the Culture + Entertainment District. The report released in January 2019, states that up to 4,750 full-time jobs could be created during the construction phase of the district, with an additional 1,536 permanent jobs created once the new facilities are open.

Invest in Calgarians

The Event Centre is an investment in the quality of life in Calgary. A world-class Event Centre will create vibrancy in our downtown and add to the diversity of recreational and entertainment options for citizens and visitors alike. It will be a year-round gathering place for Calgarians and a catalyst for envisioned Culture + Entertainment district.

Economic Growth

The Event Centre will reinvigorate interest in east Victoria Park and the surrounding area. This could create opportunity for private sector investment and the development of under-used lands. It will create jobs and is a part of our core strategy in creating a strong, resilient city with a diverse economy.

Download the Ernst & Young Economic Impact Assessment.

The Event Centre is one of several infrastructure projects to which The City has made a significant city-building and financial commitment. The work these teams have been entrusted to do will contribute significantly to the Culture & Entertainment District and have a lasting impact on our city.

General Manager, Planning and Development,
City of Calgary and Event Centre Steering Committee memberl


In December 2019, The City and Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation (and affiliates) entered into a series of agreements. In July 28, 2021 Council approved various amendments to these agreements which brought the total project cost estimate to $608.5 million.

Other projects that will benefit the area include the BMO Centre expansion and the 17th Avenue extension and Victoria Park/Stampede Station redesign.

Project background

The Event Centre will be located in east Victoria Park – one of Calgary's oldest residential communities. Established as the East Ward in 1880, the Agricultural Society of Calgary named the community "Victoria Park" in 1889 after Queen Victoria.

In 1997, a group of local business owners formed the Victoria Park Business Improvement Area in an effort to encourage development and revitalize the community. This helped steer the neighbourhood towards a new period of growth and development. Today, Victoria Park is one of the city's most vibrant and thriving urban neighbourhoods.

The Event Centre will replace the Saddledome that was constructed for the 1988 Olympics. It will reinvigorate interest in the Culture + Entertainment District and the surrounding area which could provide a significant opportunity for private sector investment in the area and the development of under-used lands.


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