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Business customer email submission FAQs

What is changing?

In the coming months and over the next several years, more and more City of Calgary services for business customers are being made available online, including assessment, permitting, approvals and licensing. All of these services will be accessible through a single account called myID that business customers will be able to manage online.

How does this change impact/benefit me?

The delivery of online services provides an option to "self serve" as an alternative to conducting transactions in person or by mail, phone, fax or other existing means.

Why am I being asked to supply a valid email address?

A valid email address is required to register an account. Without a valid email address, individuals from your business will not be able to register for online services with The City.

Why is a verified email address required to register?

The registration system uses email verification to protect confidential information from unauthorized users. Email verification enables a safe and secure registration process.

How do I verify an email address for my business?

Complete the submission process online by filling out the form available from

What is a business identifier?

A business identifier is a unique number associated with your business. It can be found on your Business Assessment Notice, Business Licence or on other correspondence you receive from The City.

What email address should I provide?

When individuals from your business attempt to register for online services with The City, approval requests will be sent to this email account. This email should belong to an authority on the business side who can accept/reject such requests coming from other individuals with the business. The City considers this the "primary" contact.

Can I decline to provide this information?

Accessing services online is optional, therefore you may decline to provide the information. If you wish to decline, simply do not respond to this request. If, however, you want to be able to access services online, the process is mandatory.

How many businesses are being asked to submit an email address?

There are approximately 60,000 business customers that interact with The City of Calgary in one or more ways including businesses that are assessed, businesses that require licensing, businesses that apply for development and/or building permits, businesses that do work for The City, and so forth. These businesses are being contacted in stages according to whether an upcoming new service is relevant to them.

Why make services available online?

Council has made it a priority to make assessment, permitting, approvals and licensing services available online. Customers are also asking for online services (2008 Development & Building Approval Customer Satisfaction Survey). This priority is captured in the approved 2009-2011 Planning, Development & Assessment business plan and budget. Accordingly, City Administration is moving forward with several projects that will make it easier for Calgarians and Calgary businesses to conduct their daily business with us.

How will I find out more about these online services?

Specific information about new online services will be communicated directly to the verified business email address. Other marketing and communication tools may also be used when new services are about to launch, including bulletins and newsletters, correspondence with industry associations, The City's website, and social media tools such as Facebook.

Who do I call if I need help?

Inquiries may be directed to 311. If necessary, they will direct you to the appropriate group to assist.

What is a trade name?

A trade name is the name you operate your business under.

How long will it take before I can create my online account?

It will take approximately two business days for our systems to be updated with the information you have provided.