Calgary’s Regional Growth Plan

Calgary uses many strategies to direct how we grow. Within our city boundaries, our Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan form an integrated land use and mobility plan that guides our current decision-making. Regionally, we work collaboratively with our municipal neighbours to support the long-term social, environmental and economic wellbeing of the region.

This work is led by the Provincially mandated Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB), which is comprised of elected officials from each of the Calgary Metropolitan Region’s 10 member municipalities: City of Airdrie, City of Calgary, City of Chestermere, Town of Cochrane, Foothills County, Town of High River, Town of Okotoks, Rocky View County, Town of Strathmore and Wheatland County (portion as described in the CMRB Regulation).

The CMRB Regulation lists the mandate of the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board to:

  • Promote long-term sustainability of the region.
  • Ensure environmentally responsible land-use planning, growth management and efficient use of land.
  • Coordinate regional infrastructure investment and service delivery.
  • Promote the economic well-being and competitiveness of the Calgary Metropolitan Region.

Benefits of Regional Planning

Significant benefits of regional coordination and collaboration:

  • Working cooperatively with our regional neighbours allows us to build a more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable region.
  • Coordination allows for more efficient use of tax dollars.
  • Better coordination of services such as public transit, recreation facilities, water and wastewater.
  • Collaboration on major infrastructure projects such as roads.
  • Working together to address climate risks such as flooding and drought, which do not recognize jurisdictional boundaries.
  • Competing as a region for investment, jobs and talent against other North American metropolitan regions. This makes us more competitive than working on our own or against each other.
  • The board-approved Growth Plan used scenario planning to quantify these benefits. In comparison to a business-as-usual scenario, the Growth Plan will deliver:
    • 31 per cent reduction of vehicle kilometres travelled per household
    • 36 per cent reduction of road and infrastructure costs per household
    • 41 per cent reduction of land consumption per household
    • 23 per cent reduction of water consumption per household
    • 19 per cent reduction of energy costs per household
    • 27 per cent reduction of total carbon dioxide emissions per household

Regional Planning Summary

  • In 2017, the Government of Alberta directed The City of Calgary and our municipal neighbours to come together to prepare a Growth Plan and Servicing Plan.
  • The region will add approximately one million people over the next 30 years.
  • The City of Calgary has worked with member municipalities within the Calgary Metropolitan Region to identify key social, environmental and economic needs of the region and develop collaborative regional planning practices.
  • On Friday May 21, 2021, the CMRB approved the draft Calgary Metropolitan Region Growth Plan, after a minor amendment, and the draft Servicing Plan. The plans are based on a core belief that to create a resilient and globally competitive region, the member municipalities must coordinate growth and cooperate to make strategic investments in infrastructure.
  • The Growth Plan fosters a new approach to growth in the Calgary Metropolitan Region:
    • Supports compact and contiguous growth with a focus on transit-oriented development at the regional scale;
    • Reinforces the role of core urban areas as economic, cultural and social centres;
    • Makes efficient and cost-effective use of existing and planned infrastructure;
    • Recognises that the Calgary Metropolitan Region is water-constrained and that growth must be managed accordingly; and,
    • Supports growth in rural municipalities, while also conserving agricultural land and resources.

Next Steps

The Calgary Metropolitan Regional Board (CMRB) voted and approved the draft Growth and Servicing Plans on May 21, 2021. CMRB Administration will circulate the Board approved Growth and Servicing Plans to the Minister of Municipal Affairs by June 1, 2021 for review and approval. The CMRB will continue to review statutory plans against the Interim Regional Evaluation Framework until the CMRB receives a Ministerial Approval of the Growth Plan. The Servicing Plan does not require Ministerial Approval.

After Ministerial Approval, the Growth Plan will come into effect. Until that time, any regionally-significant local plans advanced by member municipalities will need to come into compliance with the Growth Plan by June 1, 2022. Future local plans will be considered by the CMRB through the board-approved process.

With the provincially-legislated requirements now completed, the CMRB’s future work will prioritize economic development.


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