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Downtown the place

Calgary's Community Downtown the place


​Building and supporting programming in the downtown that creates a destination and experience for all Calgarians and visitors to enjoy.

We aim to invest in and align programming to increase the number of downtown visitors and spending. Over the next 15 years, we will create a downtown that’s desirable to current and future businesses, residents and visitors.

This requires investment and collaboration with Heritage Calgary. We will focus on ensuring Calgarians feel safe by partnering with security patrols, the Downtown Outreach Additions Program, and Calgary Police Service.​​​



What we're focused on

Future-ready innovation in the East Village

A seven-storey parkade being built in East Village is focused on future-proofing and redefining what a parking structure is - and can be. Platform Parkade and Innovation Centre will help meet the current need for parking downtown while addressing future trends, by planning for full conversion of the building into either commercial or residential use as Calgarians transition away from using vehicles. This is a partnership between Calgary Parking Authority, Platform, and Calgary Municipal Land Corporation.

Making Calgary a world-class destination for conventions

Plans to expand and revamp the BMO Centre will more than double its size to nearly one million square feet, making it the second largest event facility in Canada. The expansion will allow the BMO Centre to host more diverse and larger events. Today, the BMO Centre turns down at least 10 large conventions each year due to size constraints. Between now and 2024, the BMO Centre will be a major catalyst in the initial development of the River’s District, serving as an anchor to attract new local businesses, and revitalize the area for residents and visitors alike.

Measuring success

​​We will measure success in a variety of ways, including:

  • ​Number of building permits issued
  • Number of sales and rentals of downtown office space
  • Number of heritage assets and 
  • Citizen perceptions of safety and cleanliness.​