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Goals for a well-planned Calgary

The Municipal Development Plan was built on seven goals that are important to manage how Calgary grows and changes. These goals are:

Prosperous economy

Planning for our economy’s long-term sustainability ensures that current and future generations are resilient and adaptable to economic cycles and unanticipated changes.

Compact city

A dispersed and spread out population creates some social, economic and environmental challenges. In a compact city, balancing growth between new and developed areas builds vibrant, thriving communities.  A compact city is made up of complete communities that provide a broad range of housing choices and services, as well as high quality transit and transportation options.

Great Communities

Great communities are flexible. They adapt to the needs of current and future residents by providing a variety of housing options and services so that people can meet their day-to-day needs within their own neighbourhood. Essentially, it is about creating communities where residents can live, work and play.

Good urban design

Good urban design is the result of collaboration and coordination between various disciplines, creating public places that people enjoy.

Connecting the city

The design of the transportation system has a significant impact on how a city grows and how people get around. The M​unicipal Development Plan encourages more sustainable transportation options such as walking, cycling and transit to create a system that provides more choice. This means prioritizing investment to improve transit networks, designing streets to accommodate cycling and walking, plus improved connectivity.

Greening the city

Protecting environmentally sensitive areas and promoting renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, low-impact development for stormwater management, construction of green buildings, and encouraging cycling and walking all work together to make Calgary more environmentally friendly.

Managing growth and change

Founded on the principles of sustainable development and guided by fiscal responsibility and managed growth, these goals will stimulate growth and change across the city for the next 60 years.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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