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Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan 2018 Monitoring Progress Report


Calgary​ City Council approved the Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan in 2009. The Plans provide key strategic policy to guide growth, mobility and city building over a 60-year period. City Administration reports on the progress made towards The City’s 60-year goals every four years. The most recent report is the MDP/CTP 2018 Monitoring Progress Report (Progress Report).

The previous report had monitored only the first four years of the Plans. The 2018 ​Progress Report​ comes after enough time has passed to show the level of change or emerging trends in many areas. The report also offers a more in-depth approach than in the past, through the inclusion of more measures and more context than the previous report.

The report shows that together, as a community, we are moving in the right direction towards achieving the goals set by Calgary City Council.

MDP/CTP Monitoring Report

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MDP/CTP Monitoring Report

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MDP/CTP Monitoring Report

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​​Key findings of the Municipal Development​ Plan/Calgary Transportation Plan 2018 Monitoring Progress Report:

  • Housing and job opportunities continue to increase in strategic locations including Main Streets​ and Activity Centres.
  • Accommodating future urban growth within transit-supportive, mixed-use Activity Centres is a fundamental strategy for linking land use and transit. These areas are located strategically across the city to support population and employment growth and provide mixed-use community destinations.
  • Density is increasing both city-wide and in new communities. This increase improves the efficiency of city investments and services like infrastructure and transit service.
  • Infrastructure investments in Calgary communities are improving the transportation choices available to citizens. More people are walking, cycling, while auto usage is steady.
  • Calgary is achieving a good balance of jobs and population across the city.
  • Environmental performance remains a challenge in the city, with greenhouse gas emissions continuing to rise. In addition, more land is being covered by hard surfaces which can impact watershed health.


​Date ​​Event
Date: ​January 2014 Event: ​First report presented to Council​ (Monitoring report)
Date: ​Q3 2018 Event: ​2018 Monitoring Report​ presented to Council
Date: ​Q4 2018  Event: ​Review period starts

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