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Sustainability Strategies


Sustainability Strategies is a City of Calgary team that works to advance long-term planning and project implementation in support of sustainability, while focusing on economic, social, and environmental goals. Sustainability is about making our community a better place for current and future generations to ensure:

  • short-term decisions align with the high quality of life that Calgarians desire now and for the future;
  • our city planning efforts focus on integration of infrastructure, environment and services (for example, buses and cars efficiently moving around the city and balancing the needs of our natural environment with recreational and industry needs);
  • The City of Calgary is committed to sustainability through its operations and planning.

2020 Sustainability Direction

The 2020 Sustainability Direction is a long-term strategy for achieving a more sustainable city.

 Annual reports on the 2020 Sustainability Direction were released for 2012, 2013, and 2014. More recent reporting is included in the 2015 - 2018 Action Plan  Accountability Reports.

The 2020 Sustainability Direction Annual Report (2014) identifies areas of alignment with the 2020 objectives as well as areas of challenge. The report identifies the status of each of the objectives within the six main goals.

The 2014 Detailed Appendix includes objectives, targets and indicators as well as accompanying data that supports each objective.

Previous 2020 Sustainability Direction Annual Reports

Triple Bottom Line

The Triple Bottom Line is an approach that considers economic, social, and environmental factors in all decision-making processes. The City of Calgary has a Triple Bottom Line Policy that was adopted by Council in 2005.

The Triple Bottom Line Policy Framework is a tool to assist The City of Calgary decision makers with identifying and applying additional relevant policies such as the Municipal Development Plan or Calgary Transportation Plan.​

Calgary’s Food Action Plan
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