Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan Monitoring Progress Report

Calgary City Council approved the Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan in 2009. Updated Plans were approved in February 2021. The Plans provide key strategic policy to guide growth, mobility and city-building over a 60-year period. We report on the progress made towards the 60-year goals every four years. The most recent report is the MDP/CTP 2018 Monitoring Progress Report (Progress Report).

Monitoring reports are produced every four years, in conjunction with The City’s budget planning process. Since achieving the plans occurs over a long period of time, some indicators will not show significant change early on. The Next 20 project conducted an in-depth look at the indicators in the State of the City report. The next monitoring report is scheduled for 2022.The 2018 monitoring report shows that together, as a community, we are moving in the right direction towards achieving the goals set by Calgary City Council.

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