Developer-Funded Area Structure Plans

City Council directed Administration to adjust the process of creating or amending Area Structure Plans (ASP), by working on certain projects under a developer-funded model. This new process will reduce the time it takes to produce or amend an ASP and will allow for more collaboration between City staff, landowners, developers and the public.

An ASP is a long-range planning document that refines and implements The City’s broad planning objectives and policies of the Municipal Development Plan and the Calgary Transportation Plan. The ASP will also consider other applicable local area plans, and other plans and policies. ASP’s promote logical, compatible and sustainable development, while guiding the specific land uses, and subdivision and development decisions that collectively determine the form that the plan area will take.

Developer Funded plans

Developer-Funded ASP Planning Process

The process for a developer-funded ASP is unique to every project, but we follow these basic steps in collaboration with a developer:

  • Determine the need for an ASP in a specific community or area of land
  • Develop priorities and principles for the plan area.
  • A single developer enters into a funding agreement with The City to cover the costs of producing an ASP.
  • Distribute project information to landowners within the plan area and adjacent residents.
  • Develop background information and draft land use concepts for consideration.
  • Refine land use concepts based on feedback.
  • Produce a single, draft land use concept and policies for review.
  • Further feedback and refinement of the land use concept and policies based on the feedback received.
  • City’s technical review of the proposed concept.
  • City drafts a final ASP based on technical feasibility, City policies, Council priorities, partner feedback, and landowner rights. ​​​​
-CPC reviews Administration’s report and the ​proposed ASP, and may comment on or change the recommendation provided by ​Administration.
  • ​Review by Calgary Planning Commission (CPC).
  • City Council reviews the bylaws, reports and recommendation provided by City Administration and CPC.
  • Council makes a decision whether or not to approve the new ASP.

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