Beltline Community Signal Box Wrap Program

The Beltline Community Signal Box Wrap Program is a public realm improvement project that aims to improve the overall aesthetics and cleanliness of the streetscape. The Centre City team plans to have 46 signal box wraps installed before the end of 2016.

About the signal box wraps

The signal box wraps celebrate the unique history of the Beltline community through the use of historic photographs and images. Each signal box is wrapped with one or two large historic images depicting the intersection, a nearby landmark or a general historic theme and a short story about the image. In areas where historic images might not be available, signal boxes may be painted by artists or wrapped with artwork or graphic design prints.

Benefits of the program

The wraps have the added benefit of acting as a graffiti deterrent by reducing blank space available for tagging. Graffiti is an issue that is prevalent throughout the Beltline, and many traffic signal boxes are tagged on a frequent basis. The vinyl application includes an ‘anti-graffiti’ film that facilitates the efficient removal of graffiti.

These wraps further support the Centre City Wayfinding Program through a design that shares a common look, logic and language. Each box also includes the community name to help people travelling on foot or by bike navigate the area.

The program has been funded, in large part, by the developer-financed Beltline Community Investment Fund.



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