Bowness Area Redevelopment Plan Amendment


April 27, 2017 Council directed Administration to amend the Bowness Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) to strengthen policies around auto-oriented uses. The amendments will apply to a six block area of land, between 62 St N.W. and 65 St N.W., shown on the map below. In this Commercial Main Street area, The City will be amending the policy to prohibit new auto-oriented uses including gas stations, car washes and vehicle repair shops.


​Date ​Activity
Date: ​April 2017 Activity: ​Administration was directed to amend the Bowness ARP by City Council.
Date: ​November 6, 2017 Activity: ​Bowness ARP amendments presented to Calgary Planning Commission. 
Date: ​January 15, 2018 Activity: ​Bowness ARP amendments presented to City Council Public Hearing.

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Derek Pomreinke
Planner, Planning & Development


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