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Bridge expansion joint replacement projects

The City's annual bridge inspection program has identified the deterioration of expansion joints at seven bridge locations across the city. The timely replacement of these joints must be carried out to maintain a safe traffic service and prevent future unplanned road closures.

Project update - November 2023

During construction, there may be delays due to reduced lanes. The City will make every effort to limit impact on traffic, however motorists are advised to expect some delays. Regular updates will be posted on this page as we move into construction. Please watch out for crews and detour signage.

Bridge expansion joints replacement construction
Bridge Start date Status

April 10


May 8


May 13


July 10


Early-mid September


* Construction is dependent on weather, availability of materials, and site conditions. Updates will be provided regularly, but dates may change.

Construction work and impacts

17th Ave SE over WID Canal - April 10 - October 2023

Work for the 17 Avenue S.E. over WID Canal Bridge started in mid-April. The north and south bridge barriers required repair along with the removal and replacement of new concrete.

Pedestrian and cyclist access on the north side of the bridge was redirected to a temporary pathway outside of the work area. Users are advised to follow site signage and exercise caution around active work areas.

The full project was completed October 16, 2023.

64 Ave NE over CP Rail (west of Deerfoot Trail) - May 8 - September 2023

Work for the 64 Avenue N.E. over CPR Bridge started in early May and has now been completed. Crews may be in the area to paint road lines, but the rehabilitation work has been completed.

Work is being completed on the Deerfoot Trail exit northbound at 64 Avenue. The Deerfoot Trail improvements are coordinated by Alberta Transportation – to receive updates, please go to the Alberta project webpage.

Expansion joint
Expansion joint
64 Avenue N.E. over the Canadian Pacific Railway
64 Avenue N.E. over the Canadian Pacific Railway
Full bridge
Full bridge

Bonnybrook (Ogden) Bridge - May 13 - November 2023

Work for the Bonnybrook (Ogden) Bridge over the Bow River started in mid-May.

Anticipated traffic impacts for the first stage of barrier repair will include day/evening work with lane reductions in both directions. Subsequent construction stages will include evening work (21:00 - 05:00) and some weekend work.

This project is was completed November 2, 2023.

Expansion joint
Expansion joint
Bonnybrook Bridge over the Bow River
Bonnybrook Bridge over the Bow River

Southland Bridge over LRT - July 10 - October 2023

Work for the Southland Bridge over LRT started in July, and was completed October 7, 2023.

Glenmore Bridge over the Bow (Graves Bridge) - October 2023

Work for the Glenmore Bridge over the Bow (Graves Bridge) was scheduled to start September 2023 and was completed October 14, 2023.

Bridge locations

The following bridges will have their expansion joints replaced this year:

  • Southland Drive over LRT/Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) Bridge
  • Eastbound Glenmore Trail S.E. over Bow River
  • Eastbound Ogden Road S.E. over Bow River
  • Westbound Ogden Road S.E. over Bow River
  • Eastbound 17 Avenue S.E. over Western Irrigation District (WID) Canal
  • Westbound 17 Avenue S.E. over Western Irrigation District (WID) Canal
  • 64 Avenue N.E. over Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) Bridge 

Traffic impacts

Spring-Fall 2023

  • Construction will be completed in stages with the work sequenced in a manner that will allow traffic across the bridges while the work is in progress.
  • Temporary walkways will be provided as required to route pedestrians and cyclists around work areas during the construction.
  • To minimize the traffic impact, work is planned for nighttime and weekends. Construction will typically occur from 21:00 - 05:00 on weeknights, and on weekends/holidays as necessary.
  • Please watch for crews and posted detour and speed signage
  • Regular updates to traffic staging and scheduling will be posted online.

Project scope of work

The rehabilitation work includes expansion joint replacement, expansion joint seal replacement, barrier repair, and miscellaneous concrete repairs.


  • Extending the life of all bridges within the project
  • Prevents future unplanned road closures
  • Improves the condition, appearance, and safety of the bridges for drivers


The estimated investment for this project is $7.37 million.

Project timelines

  • Spring 2023 - Construction Start
  • Fall 2023 - Construction Complete

* Construction is dependent on weather, availability of materials, and site conditions. Updates will be provided regularly, but dates may change.

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