Council Chamber Renovation

Construction on the renovation of Council Chamber in the Municipal Building was completed before the swearing-in ceremony for City Council on October 25, 2010. A budget $1.725 million dollars was approved to make all of the approved alterations. Renovating the Council Chamber will enhance accessibility for all and will also improve safety and security within the Council Chamber.

The accessibility improvements in particular, support the inclusion of people with sensory, physical and developmental disabilities to participate as citizens, Council members and potential employees in this area of the building. The security upgrades, although subtle, will improve the physical security and monitoring capabilities within the Chamber.

Accessibility Upgrade Highlights

Chamber design side view 

  • Lowering the Council Chamber floor and removing the ramps at the entrances to make the room accessible and barrier free
  • Adjusting the seating in the viewing gallery to accommodate space for six wheelchairs, while making the existing seating more accessible
  • Installing a universally accessible public presentation podium
  • Installing new carpeting and stair-nosing's to provide contrast for those with visual impairments.
  • Installing AV hardware equipment to support universal design technologies, for captioning and assisted listening devices.
  • Constructing larger aisles and passage ways in the Engineering Traditions Committee room.
  • Constructing a universally accessible washroom on the plaza level of the Municipal Building.
  • Providing a height adjustable lectern and portable podium with a ramp for special events in the Municipal Complex.

Security and Safety Upgrade Highlights

Chamber design back view

  • Making physical security improvements to separate the public from Council,
  • Increasing security monitoring and control

For questions about the Council Chamber Renovation please contact 311 or visit their customer service/information desk inside the municipal building.


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