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Battistella Land Use Redesignation Application – Hillhurst


This application (LOC2018-0114) proposes a to change the land use designation (zoning) of 1110, 1114, 1120, 1124 and 1126 Gladstone Road NW to allow for residential and commercial uses, a new public plaza, and designation of Hillhurst Baptist Church as a Municipal Historic Resource.

The proposed land uses are Direct Control (DC) Districts based on Multi-Residential Contextual Medium Profile (M-C2) and High Density Medium Rise (M-H2), and Commercial Corridor 1 (C-COR1). The maximum proposed heights are between 16 metres (4-5 storeys) and 32 metres (about 10 storeys).

An amendment to the Hillhurst/Sunnyside Area Redevelopment Plan is required to allow for the proposed redesignation. 

Density bonusing / transfer

The Hillhurst/Sunnyside Area Redevelopment Plan allows for increases in density above what is currently allowed in exchange for bonus items, and allows density to be transferred from historic sites to other properties. The Applicant is proposing to designate the Hillhurst Baptist Church as a Municipal Historic Resource, refurbish the building, and to create a new public plaza. 

Hillhurst Baptist Church

Hillhurst Baptist Church was organized in 1907, just as Hillhurst was developing and a year after the completion of the Louise Bridge. A small wooden building was erected in that year, and it was enlarged to the size of the present building in 1914. It is a good example of a modest frame Gothic Revival church, with a gabled roof, a corner entrance tower, and pointed windows reminiscent of the Gothic Style. An Education Wing was built in 1957 to designs by architect Gordon Campbell. The building no longer serves as a church; in recent years it has been a grocery store, a theatre, and a karate school.

What we've heard

The City has received a mix of support and objections to the proposal. Supporters are excited about saving the church from demolition and seeing high quality transit-oriented development. Concerns identified include the potential height and massing, compatibility with lower density residential uses, and impacts to traffic and parking.

Next steps

Application Review

  • The public can continue to submit comments to the Planner reviewing the application.
  • Comments received up to one week prior to Calgary Planning Commission will be summarized and included in the report to Calgary Planning Commission.

Calgary Planning Commission Recommendation

  • A report is prepared by the Planner and presented to Calgary Planning Commission.
  • For land use redesignations, Calgary Planning Commission can recommend approval or refusal, however City Council is the decision-making authority.

Public Hearing of City Council

  • A report is presented to City Council by Administration.
  • The applicant will have the opportunity to address Council regarding their proposed land use redesignation.
  • The public can provide feedback directly to Council at the Public Hearing or prior to the meeting through written submissions to the City Clerk.

City Council Land Use Decision

  • City Council discusses the application and decides to approve, refuse, modify (e.g. set different height or density maximums), or table the decision to a later date.
  • If the land use redesignation is approved by City Council the applicant can begin to prepare the land.
  • If this application is approved by City Council the overall distribution of buildings, building design, mix of size and uses, and site layout details such as parking, landscaping, and site access will be determined later at the development permit review stage.


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