Building Housing Choice

Building Housing Choice

We know housing issues have always been complex and we have new initiatives to support diversifying Calgary’s housing stock. A home that meets your needs significantly adds to the quality of life and the housing market should have a supply that meets your unique needs, preferences and budget. Diversifying housing options in Calgary means more of us can build the lives we want.

This work is supported by The Municipal Development Plan (MDP), which is our vision for how Calgary grows and develops over the next 60 years. Housing diversity and choice is part of this vision. Read, “Why housing choice matters” for more details.

Housing initiative

Our initiative aims to enable more housing options in Calgary by addressing the immediate concerns related to the Land Use Bylaw for new approaches to housing, called Missing Middle Housing.   

Q&A: The City & The Federation of Calgary Communities discuss proposed changes to residential zoning

Q&A Part 2. The City & The Federation of Calgary Community answer more questions on the proposed changes to residential zoning

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