Martindale Boulevard


This application seeks to redesignate approximately 1.9 hectares of land from Special Purpose – Recreation (S-R) District to Multi-Residential – Contextual Medium Profile (M-C2) District. The subject site is located north of Martindale Boulevard NE, on the west side of Falconridge Boulevard NE.

The redesignation will provide land use for the future development of the site. No changes to any existing policy are proposed under this application.

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Any relevant past or future dates i.e. when the application was submitted, tentative timelines for CPC/Council, public engagement opportunities.

​Date ​Activity
Date: ​November 28, 2016 Activity: ​Application made
Date: ​March 13, 2017 Activity: ​Applicant-led info session
Date: ​March 23, 2017 Activity: CPC date​
Date: ​May 8, 2017 Activity: ​City Council Public Hearing
Date: ​June 12, 2017 Activity: ​Administration reports back to Council​
Date: ​​August 15, 2017 Activity: ​​Info session - Genesis Centre 5 pm - 8 pm 
Date: ​​August 17, 2017 Activity: ​​Info session - Genesis Centre 11 am - 3 pm​


David Mulholland
Planner, Community Planning North team
Planning & Development


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