Mission Area Redevelopment Plan Amendment


In March 2017, Christopher Davis Law​ submitted a concurrent Land Use and Development Permit application for a parcel of land in the community of Mission. The application site is located on 25 Avenue S.W. and 2 Street S.W. The application seeks to increase the allowable density in the Mi​ssion Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP)​​, to build a seven (7) storey building.

Mission ARP Amendment Map 


​Date ​​Activity
Date: ​March 16, 2017 Activity: ​Application was submitted
Date: ​Mid-May 2017 Activity: ​Public Open House on Mission ARP Amendment(s)
Date: ​Dependent upon review time Activity: ​Calgary Planning Commission
Date: ​Dependent upon review time Activity: ​Public Hearing of Council

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